How do you become a certified life coach in Nigeria with the ICF?

How do you become a certified life coach in Nigeria was a question put across to me recently by a childhood friend of mine. She currently lives in the city of Lagos, which is often compared to New York City.

How do you become a certified life coach in Nigeria with the ICF?

I offered my friend a couple of suggestions as to where to locate ICF accredited training programs and other helpful information. After further research, I found out the International Coach Federation actually has a chapter in Nigeria.

A Brief History of Nigeria

Nigeria officially referred to as the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a country in West Africa. It is the most populous country in the world with black Africans. The country borders the North Atlantic Ocean, between Benin, and Cameroon and is about the size of the states of California, Nevada, and Utah combined. Nigeria is diverse in people and culture. The history of the country goes back to 500 BC when the Nok people, an ancient African culture who lived in what is now Northern Nigeria from roughly 900 BCE-200 CE.were the inhabitants. In 1861 Lagos was colonized by the British and 1914, the entire country became The Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria. Nigeria became independent on October 1st, 1960.

ICF Nigeria

The Nigerian Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF) with twenty members was established in May 2015. A few coaching professionals came together to advance the coaching field in West Africa and ensure the global vision is actualized in Nigeria. Recently the ICF joined other ICF Chapters worldwide as it launched a landmark initiative called IGNITE (Engaging Humanity Through Education). The Ignite Initiative is in line with ICF Foundation’s mission to connect and equip professional coaches and organizations to accelerate social progress through pro-bono coaching.

Is Certification Mandatory?

Whether you are considering becoming a professional life coach in Nigeria or have been in practice for some time, obtaining a certification in coaching, maybe one of the most crucial investments you will ever make in your career. Now do keep in mind that getting certification is not mandatory because the coaching field is currently unregulated. However, as the coaching industry continues to grow around the world, a certification in coaching, especially from a reputable organization such as ICF is going to prove very valuable.

How do You Become a Certified Life Coach in Nigeria: What do You Need?

How to become a certified life coach in Nigeria all depends on meeting the requirements below. The International Coach Federation, as an organization, is dedicated to advancing and promoting the coaching profession by setting high professional standards, providing valuable independent certification, and creating a network of credentialed coaches. They offer three credential paths:

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) – is the beginners’ level for the ICF certification. To become ICF certified at this level, you will also need 10 hours of mentoring, a minimum of 100 hours of documented coaching (with a minimum of 75 hours of paid coaching. This certification requires completion of a specific amount of coach-specific training and classes, a minimum of 100 coaching experience hours, and other specific requirements.

Professional Certified Coach(PCC) – This certification if for someone who has proven themselves in the field. It requires a certain number of classes and training, a minimum of 750 coaching hours, at least 25 clients, and other requirements.

Master Certified Coach (MCC) – This certification is for the expert coaching professional. It requires classes and training, a minimum of 2,500 hours of coaching experience, 35 or more clients, and other specific requirements.

To find ICF accredited or approved training centers in the city or town that you reside in, the best place to search is the ICF Nigeria Chapter website under the “credentialing” tab. Becoming a certified life coach is an excellent boost to your coaching career, and I would encourage you to consider it today.

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