How to Become a Business Coach Is a Two Part Story

One of the biggest questions in coaching today is how to become a business coach. The reason is that business coaching is where the benefits of individual coaching can be leveraged throughout an entire organization. So both the potential impact of your coaching, and your fees can be amazing.

The Ultimate Double-Win Equation

It’s worth learning how to become a business coach because once you get it, you can get the double-win of helping the individual and the organization. Imagine for a minute the impact of coaching a turn-around genius like Lee Iacocca. See yourself influencing the influencer. What would it take? Now, don’t be shy. He is the turn-around genius, but you are the professional business coach. Imagine the impact you could have. Imagine.

The Two Worlds of Business Coaching

The obviously there are two bodies of skills and knowledge required. First, we are coaching the individual for their own betterment. And second we are directing the individual to maximize the success of their organization. Therefore, we have to be masters of coaching individuals and we must also understand business at a level needed to give critical advice on specific issues. This is no place for pretending; there are too many lives at stake. If you have not been a business leader who has brought your organization successfully through very difficult times, then please save everyone a lot of time and pain, and don’t pretend to be a business coach.

How to Become a Business Coach Involves Gaining Business Knowledge, Skills and Experience

So when it comes to how to become a business coach, it has as much to do with business as it does with coaching. And if you don’t think so try going eyeball to eyeball with Lee.

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Dave Iuppa
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