How to Advertise my Life Coaching Business Using Business Cards

How to Advertise my life coaching business with business cards?  Does that still work in this age of digital technology?  Yes, it does!

Are Business Cards Still Efficient Marketing Tools? 

Even in this current age of technology, the traditional business cards still remain one of the most efficient sales tools to grow your life coaching business. Business cards are easy to hand out. As a life coach professional, you are bound to meet prospective clients wherever you go, at stores, on the train, networking events, at the bookstore, coffee shops, and on the airplane. Wherever you go, whipping out that business card out of your purse or wallet and handing it to someone does not take much effort.    

How to Advertise my Life Coaching Business: Generating Leads

To effectively advertise your life coaching business, you must create or design the ideal business card that will attract your target clients to your business.  The person you meet may only give you two seconds of their time, but your business card should be able to give a lasting impression of what you can do for them.  It should generate leads for you. Let us look at a few ways to attract your ideal clientele.

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Your Business Card Must:

  1. State Specifically What You Do – Your business card must adequately highlight the type of services you are offering your target clients. You need to make sure you also list your coaching niche/specialty. Consider using a tag line which is a short statement that sums up what you do in a powerful and memorable way. 
  1. Have Accurate Contact Information – It is critical that you have all your contact information on your business card, and they must be up to date.  List your full name with proper credentials, your phone numbers, email address, web page, blog page (if any) and social media pages like LinkedIn and Facebook. You do not want prospective clients or leads trying to reach you and it says the number is no longer in service or your webpage no longer exists.
  1. Have an Attractive Look – Yes, your business card must appear attractive and appealing to whoever holds your business card.  Don’t get carried away with fonts, lettering etc., it’s important your card is not only attractive looking, but legible (readable).
  1. Have a Call to action – This is usually placed on the back of the card. What do you want the person you give your card to do?   You can offer them a complimentary (free) gift. Direct them to the link to a website.  “Give away a freebie of high value that you can afford to give away to entice the card holder to give you their email address in exchange – so that you can continue to connect with them each time you send out your newsletter.  It has to be something that answers a burning need for your prospective client.” states Dr. Leelo Bush, CEO of PCCCA. 

How to advertise my life coaching business through the use of business cards is worth a try. Business cards are still very much utilized by many people to promote their businesses. I still give out  business cards to advertise my services wherever I go.  It is convenient and very affordable and has oftentimes resulted in actual clients.  How about using quality and appealing business cards to promote your coaching business and see how it works for you.    

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