Getting Your First Coaching Client: Five Great Tips to Get You Started

You are a new coach, eager to get started in your career and wondering how to go about getting your first coaching client. Well, look no further, this article will highlight some ways to do so that has been tried and tested by experienced coaches.

Getting Your First Coaching Client: Five Great Tips to Get You Started
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The Coaching Industry

Coaching is a rewarding and fast growing industry that not only opens the door for your personal and professional life but is also financially enriching. The U.S. estimated market value for coaching was $955 million in 2015 and $1.02 billion in 2016, compared to $707 million in 2011. The market’s value is expected to reach $1.34 billion by 2022 — or a 6.7% average yearly growth rate from 2016 to 2022. However, the most daunting challenge that the industry is facing today is that of oversight. The coaching field is currently unregulated; unlike other helping professions, coaches do not require certification to practice, thereby creating room for anyone to call themselves a coach(untrained, inexperienced individuals).

Do YOU want to stand out?

Do YOU want to get your first coaching client and have them coming back for more sessions?

If the answer is YES to these questions,
Then, here are five proven strategies for getting your first coaching client.

You do not have to stress yourself, trying to figure out how to go about getting coaching clients. I will encourage you to attempt one or more of the tips below and land your first coaching client today.

1. Video Marketing – A brief video that describes to potential clients how they may benefit from your coaching will resonate with others. It also helps set your brand and the groundwork for your newly established business. Creating a video blog on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo help coaches sell themselves. Clarity in your message and authenticity is key to a video blogging.

2. Choose a Niche – With so many coaches out there today, it is vital that you establish yourself as a coach with expertise (specialist). You have to bring to the table, something that sets you apart from others. In addition to your coaching niche, you want to also be unique in the way you relate with your clients (your personality, mannerisms, style, and beliefs). A combination of all these will establish you as a sought after coach by your target clients.

3. Networking Events – Networking of any kind is an essential tool for growing your business. Online platforms (social media), as well as in-person events, are all remarkable ways to meet people, advertise who you and what you have to offer. With the ideal or suitable type of networks, the chances of getting your first coaching client is relatively high.

4. Email list – Sending out emails to people in your networks (personal & professional) is a very useful tool to land your first coaching client. If you send out at least 40-50 emails a week, there is an excellent chance you will get a few positive feedbacks. I read about a coach who had emailed her entire professional network and informed them about her new career in life coaching and she got responses back.

5. Speaking Engagements – People need to hear what you have to offer; how you can help 11them and one rapid way to convey the word out there is to plan to meet up group events, deliver webinars. Your presentation shouldn’t be more than 45 minutes. You want to leave room for questions and comments that may result in prospective clients. To show you are the real deal and are genuinely interested in helping them with their issues, at the end of the meeting, pass a paper around and have those interested provide their contact information for a follow-up call and a free coaching session.

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