How do I Find my First Coaching Client?

How do I get my first coaching client was the million dollar question I asked myself after registering my coaching business?

How do I Find my First Coaching Client?
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I must confess that when I finally did meet with her, I was as nervous as anything. Even after spending days jotting down and attempting to memorize coaching techniques, skills, etc. learned in training, I still felt unprepared. I must have done an “okay” job because the feedback from my client after our session was “Thanks Peggy, you have been very helpful.”

Should I Charge my First Client?

Now when you are first starting out, you must not be anxious and in a hurry to begin charging your clients within the first few months of opening your coaching practice. Let that first coaching client be the one who will help you improve on your coaching skills. My first client received free sessions throughout the duration of our coaching relationship. My sessions with her empowered me to take my new career in coaching seriously. It felt good to be making an impact on another individual’s life while still learning the ropes of a new career.

Finding my First Coaching Client

The Idea Client – To find your ideal client, you need to, first of all, define who your ideal or target client is, i.e. identify your specialty/niche? What group have you expressly set out to help? For example; single mothers with careers, business owners, those seeking lifestyle changes, etc. After you have done this, then begin to seek out these prospective clients in places where you believe they might show up. Always ensure that as you are out in the marketplace searching for your ideal clients, your business cards, brochures are also with you to hand out and you are also getting their contact information in return for follow up.

More Helpful Tips

  • Locate networking events in your area – You want to target activities that your ideal clients will likely attend. For example, if you are a business coach, attending events like the New York Business Expo and Conference, where you know small business owners and executives will be.
  • Social Media & Blogging – Take advantage of platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, blogger, facebook to locate your ideal clients.
  • Go out and meet people in the community; visit your local grocery store, barber’s shop, your local place of worship, former places of employment, etc. and begin to talk about the product & services you offer and how you can be of help to them. When I started, my first coaching client found me through ads that I had posted on a free advertising site for small businesses. Then, my next couple of coaching clients, I found at my local church and former workplace.

You can locate your first coaching clients anywhere; some coaches have found their first client in unexpected places like the laundromat, while waiting to board a bus, etc. Regardless of how you go about finding clients, make sure you do not overwhelm or stress yourself locating them; and when you do finally meet with your first coaching client, take a deep breath and enjoy your sessions with them.

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