Finding The Best Career Coach Certification Programs

Finding the best career coach certification programs can be quite a complex task since coaching is, nonetheless, an unregulated field. As a brand-new coach or even experienced coach seeking certification, it is vital that you chose a recognized training program that offers certification.

Finding The Best Career Coach Certification Programs
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Why Consider Career Coaching?

Considering career coaching as a niche to explore is very lucrative, and a sound decision if you are passionate about helping your clients map career paths and achieve their desired professional goals. It is a specialty of coaching where you can work Independently or within an organization. The need for career coaches is on the rise due to the high turnover rate in the workplace. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average employee today stays at a job for approximately four years. It is predicted that over ninety percent of millennials will remain in a position less than three years according to a recent survey. Finding the best career coach certification will help get you ready for a rewarding career coaching profession.

How Do Career Coaches Help Their Clients?

Career coaches help clients:

  1. Transition smoothly into a new role within their organization. Also, coaches help their clients to transition out of a career or position that is unfulfilling.
  2. Chart a new path for success following a layoff or termination of employment.
  3. Stand out in the crowd using the best strategies and tools that will enable clients to stay relevant and marketable within their career field.
  4. With the interview skills, resume writing and help with locating new employment opportunities.
  5. To stay on track; remaining focused and confident in their job search or career change.

Four Best Career Coach Certification Programs

Although certification in career coaching is unrequired, it is highly encouraged. If you want to be recognized as an expert in this field, it is important to consider certification. A career coach certification program will teach you coaching skills required for in-depth analysis of your client’s current career profile and their aspirations. There are several good coaching schools out there, but I have highlighted below the three best career coach certification programs for your consideration.

  1. Coach Training Institute – Is the first school to receive accreditation from the International Coach Federation (ICF). Their coaching program is widely recognized as the most rigorous training and certification program in the industry. CTI’s Co Active Coaching Training is a twelve month program, that integrates three foundational principles. These principles help the client enhance both the quality and results they experience in life and work. Total Cost of Program is $5,905 For more information on their certification program, click
  2. Career Coach Institute (CCI) – Is currently approved by the International Coach Federation and considered the “Harvard” of career coaching. Their program was the first to lead the coaching field in teaching career coaching. CCI’s training is offered by a unique online e-learning method which uses physical textbooks, online quizzes, webinars, and more to provide the training. Their coaching training results in earning the certified career coach credential. Total Cost for Program in one payment is $2,997 (plus shipping). They also offer a payment plan. For more information on their certification program click here
  3. New York University, School of Professional Studies – Is a two-year diploma program designed to educate new coaching professionals and retrain practicing coaches in a structured and thorough way. Its competency model focuses on foundations, industry best practices as well as the skills, expertise, and structure required to coach clients effectively. The program may be submitted for review directly to ICF (International Coach Federation) as coach-specific training hours when applying for an ICF credential via the ICF Portfolio Path. Tuition Cost is $525.

Finding the best career coach certification program is a meaningful step to undertake in order to establish a successful coaching practice. Earning a career coaching certification will provide you an edge above the competition in an unregulated field. Coaching is a fulfilling career path and a worthwhile investment. Therefore, you must take your time in selecting the best career coach certification program that will establish you as a career coaching professional.

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