How to Become Career Coach Certified

You want to become career coach certified? Are you already a coach and thinking of adding a new specialty to your repertoire? Or, are you seriously considering a change of direction and becoming a career coach?

Become Career Coach
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Is Career Coaching a Profitable Field?

Is it worth getting a career coaching certification? Is the industry stable or growing? Is becoming a career coach a rewarding and profitable career decision?

Yes, yes, and yes!

As long as people need jobs, and as long as people seek out contentment and success in their careers, there will be a need for career coaches. So, the field is stable!

With the world at the precipice of a job and career revolution because of automation and globalization, the demand for career coaches is even stronger than ever! So, the field is growing!

From looking at various studies and surveys, career and job coaches have an average salary and income ranging from about $38,000 to $80,000 per year. That’s decent money, and can be increased by better marketing efforts, moving into the online space, and searching other related opportunities. Coaching comes with many opportunities for additional income production – through books, DVDs, group coaching, seminars, and more. Yes, with a little ingenuity and inspiration, it can be profitable when you become career coach certified.

Add the money to be made from coaching and the alternate streams of income to the undeniable fact that you are helping others achieve their goals and find occupational happiness, and you truly have a rewarding career!

How to Become Career Coach Certified

To become a certified coach, there is only one step involved – earn a certification. That’s all you need to do. With that certification, you will officially be a certified career coach! Simple, right?

However, in reality, there is a bit more to it than that.

Here are a few tips for those seeking to become career coach certified and enter the rewarding world of career coaching.

  • Practical experience matters. Most of us have some. Have you changed careers a few times? That is practical experience. Have you worked in an HR department for a large company? That counts as practical experience. If you’re already a coach in a different field – that is also experience.
  • Professional development matters. Getting a certification is one thing, but your education doesn’t stop there. Seminars, webinars, books, and additional coaching programs and certifications will help you rise above the masses in the field of career coaching.
  • Finding a niche matters. You don’t have to discover your niche to be successful, but it can certainly help. Being the proverbial big fish in a small pond is often better than being the little fish in a big pond.
  • Be patient. Success takes time. You probably won’t be a major success right out of the gate. Build your client base, your reputation, and your skill level – success will come!
  • Be adaptable and flexible. Being a coach, especially if you own your own practice, comes with plenty of ups and downs. The business world is full of curve balls – be adaptable and flexible, and your decision to become career coach certified will eventually pay personal and financial dividends!

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