Finding Reputable Online Quick Life Coach Training Programs

Is there any such thing as a quick life coach training? Well, I guess there is! These types of accelerated coach training programs can go anywhere from two days to two months. Who are they typically for? These quick coach training programs exist for those who prefer to complete training in a short period for one reason or the other.

Finding Reputable Online Quick Life Coach Training Programs
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Life Coaching: What is all about?

Life Coaching is a profession that focuses primarily on the present and the future. It is altogether different from therapy, counseling, or consulting. The coaching process addresses specific tasks, usually of a personal nature. Life coaching examines what is going on right now (the present); discovering what the individuals’ obstacles or challenges might be, and adopting a course of action to make their life be what they desire it to be.

Is Coach Training Required to Become a Life Coach?

Is coach training required to become a life coach? The straightforward answer is “No”! However, if you are sincere and passionate about helping your clients, you might want to consider a training program that will enable you to acquire the proper skills, strategies, and tools to make you a successful life coach.

Quick Life Coach Training Programs Online

Not all coach training programs are equal. To help you find reputable quick life coach training programs out there today, below are listed three good ones.

1. The Coach Training Academy – This organization offers ICF fully accredited online coach training. They offer a 2-Day Fast Track Program that is designed for motivated individuals that desire a fast-paced, certified coaching model that will allow them to hit the ground running. Their accelerated ICF approved program is delivered via teleconference classes or webinar over two days. Tuition Cost is $797.00.

2. Fast Track Coach Academy – Foundational Coach Training provides the knowledge and practice you need for private practice or working as an internal coach in an organization. It is the only coach training program that uses a character coach approach. It is a sixty-hour ICF approved training that is highly interactive and intensive. Tuition cost is $3,700, and they have a six-month payment plan for those who require it.

3. Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching – This organization offers three convenient online class options with a two day or 4 days live online classes. Depending on the schedule you select, the tuition cost ranges from $897 to $1,497 with a three-month payment plan option.

Regardless of the length of the coach training program, make sure you do your homework thoroughly before you enroll in a program. And for those seeking a quick life coach training, it is essential you carefully select one that is comprehensive and teaches the core coaching competencies, coaching skills and effective strategies needed to coach confidently.

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