Fifty Life Coaching Exercises eBook: A Great Resource For Your Coaching Toolkit

Life coaching exercises and tools are great resources to use in your coaching practice. They assist your clients to grow and make improvements in their lives. They are practical exercises that help your clients to reflect on, learn about themselves, and identify actions for specific goals.

Fifty Life Coaching Exercises eBook: A Great Resource For Your Coaching Toolkit
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David Bonham-Carter’s ebook, the 50 Life Coaching Exercises, is an excellent resource for your toolkit to help you become a more efficient life coach.

About The Author, David Bonham- Carter

David Bonham-Carter is the author of 50 Life Coaching Exercises. He is a professional life coach in private practice who specializes in the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Interviewing. He also specializes in other techniques that address issues like anxiety, self-esteem, stress, and relationship problems. David has a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Kent. He practiced for many years as a social worker and probation officer before expanding into the life coaching profession.

Fifty Life Coaching Exercises eBook

This eBook is easy to use, and it contains fifty helpful and practical life coach exercises to assist people in dealing with difficulties in their lives that eventually led to sigificant transformation. The book covers a range of life coaching and personal development, including making changes, career, relationships, self-esteem, anxiety. This resource was created for life coaches and other professionals in the helping field who want to support their clients in taking positive steps in their life journey.

Valuable Coaching Exercises Mentioned in The eBook

The coaching exercises are easy to understand and follow, with clear instructions included in each activity. The exercises draw on proven ideas from coaching models. Some of them are included in the ebook are listed below. To obtain your copy, click here for more information:

This ebook is truly a great resource for your coaching toolkit. Why not try out the different life coaching exercises that are mentioned in the ebook; and when you ultimately find out which ones are the most helpful to your clients, stick to it.

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