How to Expand Your Career Coach Business: Coach Training From The 1920’s

If You Want to Expand Your Career Coach Business, You May be Wondering Where You Start

What will make the greatest impact on your success?

Your emotions.

Your emotions not only drive your behavior but the quality of your behavior. Can you change your emotions? Of course, and with some coach training and a little practice you can change it as easily as you change an outfit. To change your emotions or your state of mind you must alter your “triad”, which is the constellation of three forces that create your emotions. .

These three forces are:

  1. Physiology: Your physiology has a direct link with your brain. Physiology includes your biochemistry (blood sugar level, level of hydration, chemicals/hormones), your structure (such as posture and facial expressions), and your movements.

  2. Language: Our language and the auditory spectrum of communication is a big part of our reality. Words, pictures and sounds affect us, whether they are imagined or actual.

  3. Focus/ Beliefs: This includes your values, priorities, and outlook on the world and who you believe you are.

So How Can You Use These Forces to Expand Your Career Coach Business?

We’ll get some coach training from a young businessman who was dedicated to his own success.  My dad started his first business in 1928 when he was 7 years old. OK, so it wasn’t exactly a career coach business, but it will do for the purposes of this coach training. Having just moved from a farm to the big city, he saw lots of opportunity. He noticed people threw their empty soda bottles away, even though they were worth money. So he collected them, washed them and planned to cash in. Unfortunately, he wasn’t allowed to cross the street. So he hired another kid to take his little red wagon load of bottles across the street for him. The two of them continued a nice partnership until my dad was finally allowed to cross the street.

How Can This Story be Used as a Coach Training for Your Career Coach Business?

First, look at this story from my dad’s physiology. If he would have gotten angry at his parents for not letting him cross the street and thrown a tantrum, his body would have reacted by going into “fight or flight” response. When this happens, blood flow goes to the muscles that are needed to fight or run, and blood flow to the brain decreases. That means tunnel vision, and less of an ability to think about alternative options. If he had been tense or meek when he asked the other boy to help him, it’s possible that the other boy would have run off with his wagon. Your physiology will effect how you present yourself to others in your career coach business. You can change your physiology immediately by exercising, standing up or sitting down, or altering your breathing pattern.

The Next Coach Training Tip is to Look at Language Patterns

My dad kept his focus on his vision, and when obstacles came up he asked himself, “what can I do?” instead of telling himself what couldn’t be done. When obstacles come up in your career coaching business, remember to be careful what you tell yourself.

And finally, even though there was no coach training around in that time, this little boy’s belief was that he would succeed. Whatever you believe is a powerful indicator of what you will attempt and what you won’t attempt. Focus on what you want to achieve, and obstacles will seem like small ripples in the ocean instead of tidal waves.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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