Executive Coaching Career: How to Become a Coach for CEOs

How can you show up as a leader in your executive coaching career? How can you become a coach to a CEO or any other top executive that has more business background and knowledge than you do?

Can You Have a Successful Executive Coaching Career Without at Least Having an MBA?

You can become a coach and provide value to just about anyone if you are willing to step out and become the leader.  If you can follow through with your commitments and have integrity around what you say you will do, you can become a coach who provides massive value to even the most accomplished people. Integrity is not natural or easy, but it can be trained.

How Will This Model Look in the Context of an Executive Coaching Career?

The first step to providing value for your executive coaching career clients is to bring them into awareness when they show a pattern of not honoring their commitments. Most of time, no one else will hold them to this standard. In general, people tend to let people slide on their commitments to one another because they want the same in return. Dare to be the one that holds them to a higher standard.

Become a Coach Who Can Get Your Clients to Put Something at Stake

After your clients realize that they allowed something else to displace their word, you need to become a coach who can cause them to value their word and their commitments. Become a coach who helps them connect being their word with what they value most. Help them see that it is impossible to get what they want if they continue to break their commitments.

Your Executive Coaching Career is All About Your Clients “WORD – WORLD Relationship”

Once you have accomplished these two steps, you are ready to become a coach who can have a powerful leadership conversation with your executive coaching career clients. Help them to realize that they can create a powerful relationship of integrity between their words and their actions. Help your clients set up positive conditioning and reinforcement systems for the new relationship that they will have with their promises.

By following this strategy, you can provide something that few others can offer. And you will have the confidence to know that through your executive coaching career you will empower many people.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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