Eight Tips on How to Get Coaching Clients on Linkedin

Have you ever wondered how to get coaching clients on Linkedin? Over the last few months, In webinars and coaching events I attended, I have seen an increase in questions asked that relates to how to engage clients using social media platforms. These questions typically come from coaching professionals who maintain profiles on LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Eight Tips on How to Get Coaching Clients on Linkedin

Linkedin: A Great Tool For Your Business

LinkedIn is a social network founded in December 2002 and specifically designed for career and business professionals to connect. LinkedIn is one of the most powerful resources out there with a platform that has made it easy for its clients to engage and connect with prospective clients, employers, and employees. It is a great marketing tool for any business, and it helps you, as a business owner to attract clients with little or no difficulties and the beautiful part of it all is that, it’s FREE.

How to Get Coaching Clients on Linkedin: Good Tips

The MILLION-dollar question is “How do I attract my target coaching clients”? Let’s take a look at how.

1. Create a profile that will attract your ideal clients. Your Linkedin profile has to be professional looking with the appropriate kind of information to capture your coaching clients. It is easily accessible, simple, and direct, meaning that when someone is looking for a coach with experience in single parenting, your profile should say something like “ parenting coach, single parenting expert,” and your profile should be among the top ten to pop up.

2. Send five to ten LinkedIn invites weekly to continue to grow your network of your ideal clients. The more people you have in your network, the easier it becomes to engage clients on LinkedIn.

3. Join a professional group/association; be an active contributor with quality content; allow people the opportunity to get to know you and what you can bring to the table. It is essential to make sure you join groups where your target clients are located. Establish those connections!!

4. Inform family, friends, ex-colleagues, acquaintances about your profile on Linkedin via private messages. Let them know what you are offering and use them as resources to generate prospective clients via their contacts.

5. Each day, select one suggestion or tip to share that solves a common struggle among your ideal clients. Let every empowering tip you share consistently attract coaching clients.

6. Check out what other coaches in your niche are doing Paying close attention to what your colleagues in the field are doing can help step up your game. How? You can achieve things; that will set you apart from others (be unique). Test the waters for what can add value to your practice. When you do this, I will suggest you modify your setting to “anonymous” like I often do before viewing these profiles. Otherwise, they will catch on easily what you are doing, if you consistently keep looking up coaches especially those in the same specialty as you.

7. Learn to post valuable content regularly on LinkedIn to keep your community engaged. Post to engage people, especially topics in your area of expertise. Do not only post articles but also respond to posts from others thoughtfully with information that will get them asking questions and wanting to hear more from you.

8. Be proactive on your LinkedIn page; Always remember you have competition out there. Therefore, when you end up getting hits on your Linkedin page i.e prospective coaching clients wanting to know more about your services, make sure you are conveniently accessible with your current contact information. ( It is important to respond to their inquiries as soon as possible).

How to get coaching clients on LinkedIn is not that complicated if you utilize the above-listed tips. Some experts in the field have stated It shouldn’t take you more than thirty minutes every day, especially when you know where to focus your time and energy on. Try these recommended tips today and let us know how they work for you.

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