Eight Things to Learn From The Prosperous Coach Summary

What Can You Learn From The Prosperous Coach Summary? Let’s take a look. 

As an avid reader, my goal is to ensure that I get at least three things from any book that I read that will positively influence my life. In my younger years, I enjoyed reading for entertainment purposes; I was never fond of any books where I had to invest in studying because of a test or an exam. But in later years, I observed that my perception and attitude about reading changed drastically and for the better. I mainly read to attain more knowledge, mental stimulation and to learn something new that I can apply to my life, which brings me to our topic, eight things to know from the Prosperous Coach summary

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About The Prosperous Coach Book

The Prosperous Coach: Increase Income and Impact for You and Your Clients was written by Steve Chandler, a Master Coach, and Entrepreneur and Rich Litvin, a world-class Success coach and Thought leader. This best-selling book was published in 2013, and is considered a great resource that enlightens you on how to increase impact and income, one powerful conversation at a time, and has sold over 50,000 copies to date. The authors share their best tips to become prosperous coaches. These strategies have helped thousands of coaches worldwide establish their coaching  businesses by invitation and referral only. In this book, you will learn how to match your unique skills and talents with the clients you serve. It helps you create a coaching business that is profitable and fulfilling. 

The Prosperous Coach Summary: Learning What Will Transform You as a Coach

When you read the prosperous coach, you will be challenged as a professional coach, trainer, or business owner. It teaches you how to become better at coaching. You are learning something new, something different that will transform the way you do coaching and business. 

Check out my favorite eight things to learn from the prosperous coach book summary. You will learn how to: 

  1. Engage in deep conversations that show the power of coaching -Create the type of conversations that give the other person a profound and positive coaching experience. It is the best way to make someone grasp the value of coaching.
  2. Schedule a coaching conversation, asking  if they desire to be helped.
  3. Create a portfolio of articles, books, speeches that can attract your ideal/target clients.
  4. Create a personal transformation that makes a lasting impact. You will work closely together with your clients, helping to discover what they genuinely want. 
  5. Appreciate your worth. You will learn that you are worth the fees you charge.  
  6. Be confident, eliminating any self-doubts you might have by using strategies like sharing coaching success stories.
  7. Refocus on what your clients desire to achieve and guide them to signing up for your services.
  8. Follow up with prospective clients in a way that makes them feel comfortable.

 The authors,  Rich and Steve recommended you do this:

“If you haven’t heard back, send a gift and a note. Don’t even refer to working together. Contribute and serve. You don’t need them; they need you. Behave accordingly.” 

The Prosperous Coach summary provides an overview of the book and what it can offer you as a new or seasoned coach. It is a practical book, and when used appropriately, you will experience a remarkable transformation in the way you do coaching.  

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