Does The Intake Package Impact Life Coach Salaries That Much? Keys to Life Coaching Income

are based upon more than just creating and selling an intake package along with your coaching services, but if you do the math, you’ll see that an intake package can make a tremendous impact on life coaching income. Let’s do some math on your life coaching income: If you sign up 12 new clients per year and charge an extra $250 per client for your life coaching intake package, that’s an extra $3,000 per year income (part of which, of course, will defray the costs involved with your coaching intake materials). If 2 of those clients get more value from your coaching because of the intake package you created for them and therefore refer another coaching client to you, and each of those two coaching clients amounts to another $2,000 in revenue to you, then you’ve got another $4,000 in life coaching income for that year specifically because of your intake package. If two out of those 12 coaching clients stay with you an extra 4 months each as a result of the value they get in your coaching intake materials and your coaching fees are, let’s say $500 per month, then your intake package caused you another $4,000 in coaching revenue.

Let’s Add Up the Increase in Life Coaching Income:

Charges for Intake Materials: $3,000.00
Referral Income: $4,000.00
Extra Months of coaching income from current clients: $4,000.00

Extra coaching income for the year: $11,000.00

The verdict on intake packages affecting your life coach salaries?


Read more below for the details on how to use the intake package to help you increase your life coaching income

How to Increase Your Life Coach Salaries by Getting Your Clients to Pay Extra For The Intake Package

Life coaching income is about planning and timing. When your new client signs up for coaching, they have no idea what to expect, and they are going to be in a ‘yes’ mode (heck, they just said ‘yes’ to coaching with you). The point is that your clients have already made the biggest leap of faith and the biggest perceived risk once they signed up for coaching with you. Once you’ve sold the coaching, getting your new client to say yes to paying for the intake package is not such a big deal (but remember, it will be a big deal to those of you who want bigger life coach salaries). Think of it this way: Would you buy a $40 tie? Perhaps, but chances are, that sounds a little stiff, even if you regularly dress up in nice clothing. However, imagine that you’ve just paid $375 for a new suit, and then your salesperson brings you a tie that’s $40. Now that $40 tie doesn’t seem like it’s so expensive… not such a big deal now, is it?

Presenting The Intake Package to Your Client for More Life Coaching Income

Part of presenting the intake package to your client is going to be timing. As I eluded to before, make sure you let them know about the intake package after you get them to agree to pay your coaching fees, etc. Beyond that, make sure you tell them about these facets of the intake package/fees in this order, and you’ll see your life coach salaries increase:

1. Break it to them that there is an intake fee in your coaching; mention the amount, but that it is only a one time thing.
2. Explain that the intake fee helps to cover both the cost of the extra time you spend to get the coaching relationship started, the administrative costs for creating their ‘file’, as well as covers the hard costs of all their intake material and intake package.
3. Mention all the valuable things that you include in their intake package (you can also mention the approximate prices of any of those items if they impress the vast value/cost to you that the item embodies).

The point of the intake package issue is to remember that every little bit of income counts in your life coach salaries. You can’t ever afford to skimp on the value you add to your client and you can’t afford to skimp on what you charge either in order to make your life coaching income enough to sustain you and those you care about.

Jeffrey T. Sooey
CEO, JTS Advisors
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