Do You Want to be One of the Best Career Coaches?

Do you want to be one of the best career coaches in your area? In your state? In your country? In the world? Of course, you want to be the best. At least, you want to be the best you can be.

Best Career Coaches
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So Many Career Coaches – So Much Competition

The coaching industry is growing rapidly and it sometimes seems that career coaches are a dime a dozen. Anyone can call themselves a career coach, hang out a shingle, build a website, and write a post on Facebook or Linkedin.

That is your competition – some of them really good at the profession, some of them are just in it to make what they think is a quick buck.

Know Your Stuff as a Coach

To be one of the best career coaches, you need to know the profession. To be one of the career coaches who people seek out you need to have the knowledge, learn the tools, enhance your skills, and emphasize the traits that make you a good coach.

4 Ways to Become One of the Best Career Coaches


The start of your career is training and education. You need to take the right training that will help you learn the skills, knowledge, and skills required to be an effective career coach. The right knowledge, skills, and tools will help you develop the ability to find outcomes for your clients. To be the best career coach you can be, you must have a comprehensive and broad-ranging knowledge base and an adequately filled coach’s toolbox.

Practical Experience

Some coaches can survive without first having practical experience – they learn the profession on the fly. However, many people develop the skills they need by actually working with clients. For some, this can be done with mentor coaching; for others, it pays to get an entry-level job in workforce development or career services. It may not sound exciting to start that way, but it provides great insight into the skills and tools that work.

Find a Niche

This isn’t a definite necessity, but it is worth considering being a big fish in a small pond instead of a small fish in a very large pond. With a flooded career coaching market, you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. To be one of the best career coaches, find a target market for which you can find outcomes and make that market yours!

Be Patient and Work Hard

Many people get into coaching because they think it’s an easy way to start making money – quickly. It can happen, and it does happen from time to time, but like any business, it takes time and hard work to establish yourself as an expert, and to build a highly profitable business. While all the others are waiting for clients to knock on their doors and money to fall in their laps, you can be out there promoting, working hard, and making a name for yourself as one of the best career coaches in your area. Or the world!

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  1. Christine says

    Thanks for the great advice! Surely after education, experience, landing a great niche, and hard work and perseverance i can become the best coach that I can be.

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