Become a Career Coach and Change Lives

When you become a career coach, you are in a position to help others find success and happiness in their careers. Funny thing is, you also have a great opportunity to find success and happiness in your own career as a career coach.

Become a Career Coach
Become a Career Coach

What is Career Coaching?

Career coaching is a process which helps individuals identify career goals, assess their strengths, recognize their passions and talents, and make changes to achieve their goals. A career coach is a partner, a motivator, a mentor, a guide, and someone who gives an occasional kick in the butt. Career coaching helps people change careers, start careers, or enhance their current career.

Become a Career Coach and Change Lives

When you become a career coach, you are in a position to change the lives of your clients. People stuck in boring, routine jobs are not usually happy. People who have careers they enjoy and which align with their passions or talents are usually content and satisfied.

The 21st century has brought myriad changes to the workplace and job market. It’s not the 1950s any more – people jump from job to jump and move from career to career, companies hire and fire and merge and downsize, and the global economy is highly dynamic and lacks the old-school consistency people used to rely on.

These challenges create a pressing need for career coaches. When you become a career coaching expert, you’ll possess the skills and knowledge to help individuals navigate the treacherous waters of 21st century employment and job satisfaction.

Become a Career Coach and Change Lives

How will you change lives? How will you bring happiness, personal satisfaction, and financial contentment to the world?

Here are a few ways you will change the lives of your clients when you become a career coach:

  • Help clients identify their goals. They may not really know what they want – with your help, they can look deep inside and determine what they really like and where they want to go in their careers. Money, freedom, working with their passions – what are their goals?
  • Believe it or not, clients don’t always know their talents, passions, or strengths. You can help them assess their abilities, desires, talents, and true potential.
  • Help clients create a timeline for their goals. Where do they want to be in five years, ten years, twenty years? Most people don’t think this way, but as a coach, you can motivate them to think about and plan for the future they truly want.
  • When you become a career coach, you help clients create action plans to reach their goals. This plan is based on their starting point, their goals, and the best pathways to achieve those goals based on their abilities, talents, passions, and life situation.
  • Work with clients to boost their confidence, courage, and determination.
  • Help clients prepare resumes, for job interviews, and for the stresses of the job search. Help clients locate potential markets for their skills and provide them with tips on securing that coveted job.
  • Help clients locate educational needs and resources, work on skills acquisition, and focus on the improvement of their abilities.
  • When you become a career coach, you are with your clients every step of the way – until they get that desired job, start their dream career, or find their place in a highly competitive and confusing work environment.

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  1. Mads says

    Informative post that has definitely opened my eyes to a different niche in coaching. Career coaching is something that I would want to learn more about. Thanks for the great read!

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