Discovery Session Template: Unlocking Hidden Treasures

Using a discovery session template when assessing how you will be able to connect with a potential client is a logical and time saving measure. Your time is limited, so using discovery session templates will simplify the process, making you more efficient and hopefully get clients much faster.

A discovery session is a short, usually free-of-charge interaction or orientation that allows you and your potential client to know each other. It could be a phone call, a video call, a face to face discussion. Apart from building understanding and interest in your work, discovery sessions also help people trust you enough to work with you.

To have a successful discovery session (one that ends with subsequent coaching sessions), the session needs to feel valuable and non-sales-y to the prospect but not give so much away to the point where people don’t feel like they need to come back for an actual coaching session.

Here’s a discovery session template that will help you show people the WHAT, HOW of your work, and WHY they specifically should work with you (Note: Customize the template to your needs).

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A Simple 3-Part Discovery Session Template 

Part 1: Building Rapport

The purpose of this part is to deepen the rapport and gain clarity about what your prospect is looking for. Start the ball rolling by helping the person feel comfortable with introductory small talk, i.e. thank them, ask how they found you or if they were referred. Invite them to share with you what prompted them to look into your type of coaching service. Then ask them these questions:

  • What do you hope to accomplish from coaching?
  • Do you have any specific goals or issues to meet or resolve?
  • How will you know when you have achieved those goals?

Reflect back on what their challenges are so the person knows you’re listening and feels your desire to help them specifically.

Part 2: Let Them Know What They Can Expect During Coaching

Explain how you will directly address each of their concerns specifically through your work to reassure them what they can expect during coaching. Explain to them the coaching process and share your coaching philosophy if you haven’t already. Let them know what coaching involves and what they should expect:

  • How sessions will go/session structure
  • That their goals and focus may change
  • That ups & downs are normal in coaching and the down cycle is where they can grow most
  • That they are the expert in their lives and coaching helps them connect to their wisdom and take action to create the lives they really want. They decide what to cover, how/when to end coaching.

Ask them if they’ve had your type of coaching before and how often. If yes, ask them what worked well and what didn’t in their previous experiences. If what worked well is similar to the way that you work, then say that this is how you work and this seems like a good fit.

Part 3: Articulate & Invite

Describe where you’d begin in your first coaching session together and what the goals of that session would be. Be specific in connecting your coaching approach to their issues. Then, suggest how often you might meet, how much each session costs, how they book and pay, and your cancellation policy.

End with a clear invitation (call to action) to them to think about what you talked about during the discovery session and decide if you’re a good fit. Be sure they know your website address, and ask if you can include them on your mailing list so they can receive your newsletter, blog posts, or other valuable information. If meeting face-to-face, give them a business card or brochure when the session ends.

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