Customized Coaching Tips For Any Client: Different Techniques Coaches Use For the Different DISC Behavioral Styles

If You Are Searching For Customized Coaching Tips Look No Further than the DISC Assessment

What if each client came with his or her own set of customized coaching tips? You would be able to lead them in a fraction of the time it can take to get to know your client. Using the DISC Assessments is one way to understand your clients’ behavioral styles in minutes instead of months. Based on the four different behavioral styles, there are different techniques coaches use to communicate with and influence their clients.

Each Behavioral Style Dictates Different Techniques Coaches Use to be Successful During Coaching

Different techniques coaches use for the High “D” or Dominant behavioral style:

This person is dominant, intense and driven. Don’t be surprised if they anger easily. They want results. The coaching tips for this behavioral style is to get to the point, be direct, and efficient. Play to their ego and help them focus on results. Don’t waste time with small talk, facts, or figures.

Different techniques coaches use for the High “I” or Influencing behavioral style:

This person is a happy, positive, people lover. They think anything is possible and trust easily. Above all, they want connection. The coaching tips for this behavioral style is be gentle if you must disagree, trade jokes and stories, and allow time for socializing. Don’t let them talk so much that you don’t get a result, and don’t confuse them with too many details.

Different techniques coaches use for the High “S” or Steady behavioral style:

This person is a slow moving, steady, supportive person that hides their emotions. They want consistency. The coaching tips for this person are to move slowly, provide proof, earn their trust and friendship, and make sure you follow up with them. Don’t expect get too friendly during the first meeting, or close too fast. Also make sure you don’t bad mouth their current suppliers, because they’re probably friends.

Different techniques coaches use for the High “C” or Compliant behavioral style:

This is a rule following, detail oriented person that is afraid of going outside the box. They want the facts. The coaching tips for a person who demonstrates this behavioral style are to be organized, emphasize loses caused by delay, give them research and data, and give them time to decide. Don’t get personal if you don’t know them, be emotional or loud, or waste time with small talk

Using the DISC Assessment Will Help You Get to Know Your Clients but These Coaching Tips are Most Effective when You Realize Most People are a Combination of Behavioral Styles

These are different techniques coaches use for different behavioral styles, but realize that most people are a combination of two or even three of these styles. The best way to use these coaching tips is to use the style that closes matches their behavior at that time if there are two styles that seem to contradict each other. By using these coaching tips, you will be able to predict, most likely, what problems your client will have, and also help you to navigate them through those problems in the most effective way.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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