Coaching Tips: Tips on Coaching People to Get From Their Head to Their Heart

One of the most practical tips on coaching people I learned is that to influence someone, you need to get them involved at an emotional level. Few choices are ever made bases on reason. It’s emotional. “What do you feel like eating?” or “I need to get new shoes to go with this outfit.” Even making a major purchase like a car or home is mostly an emotional one. If we want to help people do what they need to do to accomplish their goals, we need to help them move from their head to their heart. Here are some coaching tips to help you do just that.

Tips on Coaching People: Step 1 – Get ready to go first

The first of these coaching tips will prepare you for the rest. As the coach, you must lead. If you want your client to go somewhere, you need to go first. If you let your client lead they may run you around in circles with their stories or they may just sit there and do nothing. It is your job as the coach to set the pace. Once you’ve established this, the following tips on coaching people fall into place more easily.

Tips on Coaching People: Step 2- Making the initial contact

Imagine you are in a wrestling ring. To do anything at all you need to be close enough to connect with your opponent; at least close enough to kick them. What coaching tips could be used to get closer to your opponent? The most obvious is for you to make the first move. Get closer. In coaching you can do this by asking questions and trying to understand them. Take some of your coaching tips from how they respond.

Tips on Coaching People: Step 3 – Getting a little closer

What coaching tips would you offer a wrestler to get even closer to his opponent? Perhaps close enough reach out and punch his opponent. Make another move forward? Yes, you can ask your clients clarifying questions, “mind read” about how they might feel about an issue. Really try to understand what they are thinking and feeling. Some of the most valuable tips on coaching people will come from your client themselves.

Tips on Coaching People: Step 4 – Getting to grappling range


What coaching tips do you have for the wrestler who wants to take his opponent down to the mat? You would have him get to “grappling range” which is close enough to reach around his opponent’s head and grab his ear. That’s how close you need to be to your client to take him down to the mat and transform him. That’s when you know your client is out of his head and fully engaged in the process.

These Coaching Tips Can Take You To a Turning Point

With these tips on coaching people, you can take almost anyone from their head to their heart. If you are using these coaching tips and actively listening, you will hear the shift in their voice. It might become louder and angrier, or more quiet and submissive. Once you have lead them this far, you have them in position to lead them to a lasting transformation.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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