Coaching Tips for Individuals and Corporations

In this article, there are coaching tips for individuals and employees of a corporation. On some levels, coaching individuals is very different than coaching corporations, but on some levels, they are the same. For example, coaching individuals and corporations are the same, because there are suggestions for improvement. Also, the coach wants whomever they coach to act on what they suggest. The outcome is hopefully the same, improvements in some area. However, tips for coaching for individuals and corporations are different because when working with an individual, you are able to ask more personalized questions. In corporations, however, you need to ask general questions, and hope they will apply to many employees in the corporation individually. Also, the focus with corporations are business, and with individuals, though the focus may be business, it also may be personal focus

Tips for Coaching Individuals

  1. Listen more than you talk
  2. Ask questions more than you give advice
  3. Be supportive of the individual, even if you see where they need to change
  4. Get them to solve their own problems
  5. Simply facilitate the solutions coming from those you coach
  6. Listen for important unspoken needs, whether in person or on the phone
  7. Use your intuition to figure out what questions to ask next
  8. Give more than you get
  9. Have an attitude of gratitude
  10. Smile, even if over the phone
  11. Help those you coach feel your love for them, that will make them want to do what you ask
  12. Treat everyone as if you were talking to your best friend

Coaching Tips for Corporations

  1. Notice the individual and their strengths
  2. Look for weaknesses which others have strengths that can make up for those
  3. Look at ways to unify the team
  4. Ask employees where they see the problems are, you may be surprised at the differences between what YOU see and what THEY see
  5. Look for similarities between employees that can help bind them
  6. Intuitively listen for similarities
  7. Ask how you can help, rather than immediately thinking you know the answers
  8. Be bold and tell them what you hear and ask if that’s accurate
  9. If doing teambuilding activities, look for modifications in case frustration arises and come up with more activities than you have time for and do which activities fit the needs of the group best
  10. Facilitate discussion, if appropriate
  11. Have someone come with you to take notes and write them up

These coaching tips for individuals and corporations can make coaching more interesting yet challenging. To help you get the most out of these coaching tips, review them as often as you need to. In addition, please search for the best niche for you to coach. To find that niche, you may also want to try each type of coaching to see which people/groups you like coaching best and have the best success with helping. Whomever you decide to coach, make a commitment to get better. When you make a commitment to getting better as a coach, you also make a commitment to helping others more effectively. When others know you care about them and can help them effectively and quickly, they’re more likely to trust you and want to get your own coaching tips from you.

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Jeffrey T. Sooey
CEO, JTS Advisors
Founder, Coaches Training Blog community

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  1. Marlon says

    Very helpful tips for aspiring new coaches to make a huge impact on their careers. I think the greatest advice you gave is to listen to their clients and help them figure out how they can solve their problems and not just providing solutions for them.

  2. Karen says

    Coaching for individuals may be different but have many things in common as you are still dealing with individuals as a whole. The approach can be similar and I believe that being a good listener and asking the right questions can really be of much help to your clients.

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