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Coaching certification in my mind is an essential part of coaching mastery. While some would argue that coaching training is enough, consider that coaching is now a booming industry which means competition is increasing for a market that is still relatively small. By that I mean that there are still many individuals and companies who either don’t know about coaching, do not understand the value versus consulting, or have used unqualified poorly trained coaches with resulting experiences that have been less than satisfactory. In addition to the influx of coaches there are also many niches being developed which segments available markets into smaller units. What this can create for people interested in hiring a coach is confusion. “Who to choose?” and “Based on what?” are two key questions that are foremost in your potential client’s mind.

The benefits of coaching certification are several but first and foremost having your coaching certification establishes you. It says that you have undergone the necessary coaching training, accumulated the necessary skill sets and undergone the testing that qualifies you as a coach. Other benefits of coaching certification are:

  • It enhances your credibility and reassures potential clients that you are professional
  • Demonstrates that you have high professional standards
  • Shows that you have a code of ethics
  • Demonstrates that you have high knowledge and skill sets
  • Demonstrates that you take the profession seriously
  • Reinforces the integrity of the coaching profession

Coaching certification is something that you should be working toward if you are seriously considering a career in any coaching field be it Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Business Coaching, Marketing, Health, or any of the niches available or that you define. Look for organizations or schools that offer authorized coaching certification programs in addition to coaching training. Of the most recognized The International Coaching Federation, CTI (Coaches Training Institute), and CCI are at the top. There are a plethora of others but the best are recognized by these organizations, notably ICF.

Coaching certification is worth the time and money, especially if you are after working with fortune 500 executives (those circles value certification). It separates you from the rest who don’t go the distance. One other note; certification is, in my mind, necessary but so is the mastery of the business of coaching. Make sure that you also seek coaching trainings and coaching jobs that will train you in building your business model as well as the sales and marketing of your coaching business. Too many leave this aspect out and it’s an over-sight that will cost you in time and money.

Ellen Smith ACT, ATC, PCC

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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