Coaching Certification Programs + Christian Values

Finding a coaching certification programs + Christian values is a three step process. First search for coaching programs which certify their graduates. Next among those look for programs which emphasize Christian values, which is not as simple as it sounds. And then evaluate the programs that you fine for quality based on specific criteria. Here’s how.

Develop a long List and Pare It down from There

Cast a wide net to find coaching programs that include certifications. This first step is simply a matter of Googling for coaching programs that say they certify their graduates. That will be a very long list, but it is a necessary first step. The next two steps will tell the tale.

Identify Programs Based on Christian Values

Once you have the long list of programs that offer certification, further narrow this list down with three searches. Search your long list for the phrases “Christian” and “Christian Values”. Also search for phrases that imply Christian values like “Christ Centered” or the name of a Christian denomination like “evangelical”, “orthodox” or “catholic”. Also consider searching for the names of Christian thought leaders like “Robert Schuller”. You don’t have to use every combination, just use the ones that make sense relative to what you are looking for, and see what you get. This will narrow your list to sites that offer coaching certification programs + Christian values.

Determining the Quality of Coaching Certification Programs + Christian Values

Once you have a list of sites for coaching certification programs + Christian values, you need to determine the relative quality of these programs. First review the descriptions of the sites which appear in the Google search results. Try to narrow your list down to about 10 sites based on this information. Next, look at the websites for these programs. Look at the program descriptions, the value statements, the certification criteria and affiliations. Then check out the free teaching materials shown on the site. Do they reflect your values? Is the content impressive? Also look for testimonials. At this point you should have a list of three or four. Now go back to Google and search for positive and negative references. There are always one or two unhappy customers who sign up for programs and then don’t do the required work. But if you see a consistent negative message, beware. If you don’t find at least two good candidates that you can contact directly, go back to your list developed in the preceding paragraph, and repeat. Once you have two to three good candidates, contact the programs directly, preferably by phone and interview them from a list of questions that you have prepared in advance. Using a list of questions assures that you get consistent information about the programs. Ask for a free coaching session and information on graduates you can interview. Once you have your free coaching session and interview a couple of graduates you will be in a position make a decision. This may seem like a lot of work but you will invest a lot of money and time in your coaching certification programs + Christian values, so you want to make sure you really get it right.

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