Coach Training Hypocrites: Why Study Life Coaching Through Getting Coached?

Can you get your coach training and study life coaching without experiencing the transformational breakthroughs that are such a big part of coaching? You can but you’ll suck. Why will you suck so much? Simply because you won’t believe your own coaching (or the value of your own coaching). If you want to study life coaching, then become a great life coaching client, or at least take a coach training that provides lots of chances to get coaching yourself.

Coach Training Without a Coach: Guaranteed ‘Sucky’ Way to Study Life Coaching

I started my coaching career without a coach, and didn’t really study life coaching. True, I DID listen to a lot of a certain guru! But, other than that, I was a coaching hypocrite. What I did after I started my own coaching business was not much better, but an improvement. I did get a coach but I didn’t really stick with the program very much. So much for avoiding coach training hypocrisy for myself.

Study Life Coaching With The Right Coaches And You Won’t Need Much More Coach Training

I started with a guy that was making 1 million dollars per year as a coach. Not bad, right? His name was Robert. He taught me a lot about selling the coaching and thinking about my own worth and working through bigger business opportunities. I cut my coaching business teeth with him and got into the mode of really expecting money from my work.

Meg was the first real accountability coach I ever worked with. I got so much from the coaching with her that I hired her as the first coach to work on a team with me. She taught me to ‘be my word’ and work through my own laziness, irresponsibility, pettiness, and selfishness. Acting right is many times harder than thinking right, and these distinctions really helped me produce real measurable results in the world as well as get the trust of other people that eventually became clients, partners, and team members.

Eben is a coach who made 20 million per year, and I never really got one-on-one coaching from him, but he certainly gave me great transformation via seeing him speak. I learned about the mindset of a business owner and marketer versus the mindset of an expert or coach, and why coaches make such little money.

Finally, masterminds have played a major part of my development. Masterminds allowed me to work through how to use what tool when. They also drove me to perform because of my need to ‘look good’ to other mastermind members.

Study Life Coaching by Multiple Coach Training

Later on in my coaching business, when I started to train other coaches, I decided to get really serious about coaching and allowed many of the coaches that went through my trainings to coach me directly (and get feedback and training from the experience). I still do that to this day (in fact I had a coach working with me today). What I’ve found is this: as a business owner, I don’t have a manager. So I finally become seriously productive when I have two or three accountability coaches kicking my butt (I called three or four of them just today).

How Not to B.S. Your Way through Coach Training: Study Life Coaching like You’re your Life Depends on It

I think what you can ultimately get from having so many great coaches contributing to you is an unshakable belief that your coaching, and coaching in general, is really priceless, and that anyone who is not receiving it is going to miss out BIG TIME. The only way I know to reproduce that in people is by having them get MASSIVE COACHING during their coach training. If you want to study life coaching, don’t forget to always have several coaches and a mastermind working with you, and you’ll see massive payoffs not only for yourself, but also for your life coaching clients.

Jeffrey T. Sooey
CEO, JTS Advisors
Founder, Coaches Training Blog community

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