Coach Training: Life Coaching Training To Handle Clients Who Have ”Heard It Before”

When you went through your coach training or life coaching training, did it cover how to handle clients that have “heard it before?” We all know that person. They are the one who thinks they know everything about everything, but do not have the results to show it. While you may have learned about this client during your coach training, did you learn how to get that client to listen to you while you were giving them some life coach training of their own? Here’s one coach training method for how to accomplish that goal.

Coach Training: Life Coaching Training To Get Your Clients Who Have “Heard It Before” To Listen To You


One way to get people to see themselves as they are during their life coach training sessions is to ask them questions. We are going to cover three questions to ask a client who has “heard it before:”

1. Are You DOING it? It’s a common mistake for all human beings to quickly dismiss information we have heard before. After all, if it were that great we would already have results from it, right? Wrong! The coach training tip to learn here is to ask tough questions during your life coach training sessions. Knowledge is only power when applied. Most people who “have already heard it before” will be humbled when you ask them this question.

2. Are You Teaching It to Others? In our coach training (or life coaching training) we learn that the best way to learn is to teach others. Teaching what they know and are applying will help turn it into a good habit. It will also help them to have more leverage on themselves to follow through.

Coach Training: Life Coaching Training To Teach Your Clients That They NEVER Stop Learning


3. Have You Mastered It? You may never have a client who will be able to honestly answer this question with a “yes” in any area of their life. One of my mentors told me that there are 10 levels of understanding of any idea. It is the same thing here. Your coach training (or life coaching training) is to make sure your clients understand this concept. When do we stop learning? The correct answer is NEVER!!! It is your job to hold your clients to a higher standard than they hold themselves to. If you help your clients work toward mastery you will transform their life forever.

Kris Thompson
JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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