Coach Training to Make Sure Your Close Is Compelling: Coaching Sales Training To Ensure Success

The biggest question people have after coach training is how to enroll people after a free session.  More specifically they want coaching sales training to maximize their chances of getting an enrollment.  They probably learned from a previous coaching sales training that their close must be compelling to work.  Unfortunately, that is the worst thing to focus on.  The key to success is to use your coach training and make everything up to the close compelling.

If you take anything away from this coaching sales training, it’s that the close is not compelling.  It’s a barrier.  It’s not compelling for you; it’s not for your clients.  It’s something that comes between them and getting coaching. Because what your clients really want are results, not necessarily coaching.  If you are going to use the skills you learned from your coach training, you need to get past this barrier.

Coaching Sales Training Number One Rule:  Trying to Make Your Close Compelling is Like Trying to Make Jello into Art.  You’re just making it into something that it’s not.

So what do you do instead?  Use your coach training skills and gain rapport.  Build trust and a begin working on a relationship.  Find out the most important achievements in their lives, things that won’t otherwise happen without coaching.  Don’t worry about how to use your coaching sales training.  Make sure the goals they bring up are things that are compelling for them.  Don’t allow them to move past this part.  It’s not just about important stuff, but things they know won’t happen without intervention.

What’s more important than any coaching sales training is that if you give massive value, your clients will see some results.  Getting them to see those initial results is the first step in getting them to move forward with coaching.  Have confidence in the skills you’ve learned from your coach training.  Be powerful when you share what you have to offer moving forward.  If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, your client won’t either.

Relax and Don’t Worry About Making The Close, If You’ve Followed this Coach Training Everything will Fall into Place

The key to this coaching sales training is that your clients don’t want to feel compelled, they want to feel secure. They are putting forth an emotional commitment as well as a commitment of time and money.  They may even have fear about whether they are being stupid or taken advantage of.  So the more bored you are, the more comfortable you will appear.  If you’re overly excited or hungry, they can take that in a negative way.  If you don’t have an emotional charge and your clients feel like you’ve done this a million times before, they can relax.  Use your coach training techniques to take charge of your own emotions, and people will naturally want to enroll in coaching with you.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Bi-Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach

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