Coach Training: Coaching Sales Training to Learn What to do When a Prospective Client Raises a Concern About Hiring You

Did your coach training or coaching sales training teach you what to do when a prospective client raises a concern about hiring you at the end of a free session?  There are different viewpoints on this subject, depending on where you get coaching sales training.  Most coach training says not to try to handle (overcome) their concerns.  They say that if the client doesn’t immediately jump at the opportunity to hire you, then it’s not a fit.  So, is it a waste of time to handle concerns such as, “I don’t have the money” or “I don’t have the time” at the end of a free session?  What are you communicating if you choose not to handle their concerns and just walk away?

Coaching Sales Training:  Did Your Coach Training Make You Feel Like You’re Being “Pushy” When You Handle the Concerns of the Prospect?


Many new coaches I work with have just completed their coach training.  They usually feel that handling concerns at the end of a free session is being “pushy”.  Sometimes they feel it is a waste of time or that the prospect will just cancel later anyway.  Still others feel like they are communicating that they are desperate for business if they handle concerns.  Is that really true?  My coaching sales training for you is that if you don’t handle their concerns, you’re wasting your time doing the free session to begin with.  What are you really communicating if don’t you handle their concerns about paying you to be their coach?

Coach Training:  The Coaching Sales Training That Works to Get Clients When They Raise Concerns About Paying You to Coach Them.


So you’re coach training made you feel that it’s “pushy” to handle your prospects concerns at the end of a free session.  You’re a coach!  You’re job is to get other people to do things they don’t want to do, to be the person they want to become!  As long as what you are saying is in their best interests, this coaching sales training applies to you.  What you’re really communicating if you don’t handle their concerns is that you don’t really believe in what you do! I’m giving you permission right now!  It’s your obligation to elegantly handle their concerns and empower them to make a decision that will change their life forever!

Kris Thompson

JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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