Coach Mastermind Saved Me: Coach Training For Lost Coaches

How the Coach Mastermind Gave Me Coach Training For Success

Coach training wise, I was lucky from the start, I think. Even before I thought I was ever going to use coach training I had a coach mastermind that helped me get started as a life coach. My coach mastermind had given me coach training with some very powerful beliefs, values, and habits. I had learned a few things from my coach mastermind. Those beliefs got me started in my coaching business.

No Coach Training and No Coach Mastermind? Try to Start a Coaching Business

I started my coaching business with $7,347.00 in savings, and one client (that I was doing pro-bono coaching for). I actually started my coaching business in a TRAILER, not much more than 100 square feet (on someone else’s property no less). I could only afford the $400 / month rent the owner charged me.

I was failing as a coach

I tried hanging out my shingle as a coach hoping that the world would come beating on my door . . . . It didn’t happen. With no coach training and no coach mastermind, it wasn’t going to happen, but I didn’t realize that at the time.

I would have gone broke my first month in coaching if I didn’t have that $7,347.00 in savings.

I knew I needed a water-tight FORMULA for success in this business, but I really didn’t know where to start. Finally, I knew there was one ‘magic bullet’ that would give me the extra edge that I needed to succeed…

I Finally Formed a Coach Mastermind

I found a coach mastermind of other successful coaching business owners and we had regular mastermind calls. Because I was studying with my coach mastermind group, a few key strategies I learned from them helped me to get my coaching business rolling forward again. I realized that I couldn’t afford not to gain the coach training that was a result of this amazing coach mastermind team’s business experience.

Coach Mastermind and Coach Training: Finding a Formula for Success in the Coaching Business

Clients, money, and freedom were now coming to me in my practice. The second 6 months in my coaching practice, I enrolled 25 new coaching clients. I could now look at my calendar and see my coaching days FULLY BOOKED with back to back coaching sessions.

I can remember my surprise and disbelief watching my bank balances increase, finally reaching $31,437 income in just ONE MONTH in my business. I began to wake up excited every day because I knew I was my own boss, and I loved what I did for a living

Celebrating My Success with a Coach Mastermind Group

One time each year, my coach mastermind takes a weekend to reflect and plan our visions for the year. Some of the places we have gone in years past include: Palm Springs, Sedona, and the Bahamas. Now I feel very lucky that I’ve got the freedom to take those little vacations with my coach mastermind and create the next successful growth year in my coaching business.

I can barely imagine that it was not more than 6 1/2 years ago that I was slaving year-round in that little 100 square foot trailer, (without any fancy vacations). If it had not been for my coach mastermind, I never would have gotten the coach training I needed to arrive at this level of success.

Jeffrey T. Sooey
CEO, JTS Advisors
Founder, Coaches Training Blog community

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