Christian Life Coach Salary in the Modern World

Is it possible to make a living as a Christian life coach and what’s the average Christian life coach salary?

Christian Life Coach Salary in the Modern World

The Average Christian Life Coach Salary

The International Coach Federation (ICF) reported in 2007 that full-time coaches were earning an average of $82,000 per year while part-time coaches were averaging around $26,000 per year.

Paysa, a website that brings salary data into the mainstream, estimated that Christian life coaches were earning an average of $54,601 with top earners earning more than $78,315. The figures were based on data derived from 104 profiles in Payza in 2018.

In his address to pastors, counselors and lay leaders at the annual conference of the Association for Marriage and Family Ministry (AMFM) in 2011, President of Professional Christian Coaching Institute Christopher McCluskey estimated that the average Christian life coach salary in the US was between $150 – 400 per month.

Career Options for a Christian Life Coach

A Christian life coach’s salary is dependent on whether the life coach owns a coaching practice or works for other organizations.

Universities that promote a Christ-centered worldview and Christian spiritual development often hire staff members who possess training in Christian life coaching. Christian hospitals may be interested in employing a Christian coach to work with patients and the family members of those dealing with health challenges.

Christian Life Coaching Is More Relevant Than Ever Today

Jesus Christ can be considered the greatest life coach ever as his message of love, forgiveness, healing, joy, hope, and peace is clear and applicable to every human being.

He taught through the medium of parables and the effect was often life changing for almost everyone who took the trouble of reading or learning about these teachings.

Who else can you turn to so readily when you feel down and have no one to talk to? Who else can provide hope in a world of uncertainty that there is a beautiful world that awaits every single person in their life thereafter?

A Challenge

In the modern world, it is often a challenge for so many people who are increasingly finding it hard to follow Jesus’ teachings as the pervasive influence of television and the Internet seem to be spreading a different message altogether.

Jesus died on the cross so that others could live and so the essence of Christian life coach training must be to show people that they have a choice in life – though it is a choice that is quite terrifying.

Unfortunately, few people today want to make this choice. The essence of Christian life coach training should however involve spreading the message that we can change and we are also capable of knowing what’s right and what’s wrong in this world.

Today, people have developed resistance to the teachings of Jesus that were so relevant two thousand years ago when life was simple, less diverse and people more or less thought in the same manner.

With the advancements that have taken place in science and technology today, people are challenging everything and anything.

Though this habit of challenging is not so bad, it still does not mean that we should forget the teachings of Jesus and embark into uncharted territories based solely on wanting to challenge established norms.

It should therefore be impressed on those who wish to continue spreading the message of Jesus to continue showing people that the true path is that of Jesus’ teachings and that Jesus can bring hope, joy and peace in a world of upheaval.

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