What is Emotional Coaching?

Emotional coaching is one of the keys to raising happy, adaptable, and well-adjusted children in an often sad, intractable, and irrational world. According to John Gottman, author of Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child, his research shows that it is not enough to be an engaged and loving parent. Parents also need to be emotional coaches to their kids yo help them understand and effectively manage the wide range of emotions and feelings they will experience. The first step in emotional … [Read more...]

Psychology Coaching Mysteries: Why Pain is Great in Emotional Coaching

In psychology coaching, the people who are in the greatest pain will make the most rapid changes.  Why does this more emotional coaching model work?  When you’re in pain, you’re much more motivated to seek a way out than when you’re comfortable.  And you’ll pay attention to what you’ll learn in an emotional coaching model in a way that’s very different than a psychology coaching model with a more left-brained approach. Emotional Coaching Gains its Effectivness by Utilizing Heightened … [Read more...]