Client Retention Strategies, How to Get Coaching Clients

Living A Better Life Because Of My Personal Coach

Times sure have changed and I am living a better life because of my personal coach. The power of personal coaching is incredible. The accountability only will make all the difference in the world. My coach never settles for anything less than my best. On a personal note, it’s not always easy to keep my word or my commitments all the time but, my personal coach empowers me to be my best. Who Should Have A Personal Coach? Anyone interested in raising their standards in their life, business or … [Read more...]

Why People Need Life Coaching: What You Have to Offer as a Personal Coach

Do you really know the value you have to offer as a personal coach?  How effective is life coaching anyway?  These are questions that personal coaches and potential clients ask.  There are tons of books available at the bookstore, and hundreds of seminars that one can attend.  Why should people pay you for life coaching if they can read a book or go to a seminar? What is the Difference Between Life Coaching and Books or Seminars? Books are different than life coaching; they entice you with the … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Bedtime Stories: Which of the Three Little Pigs Fits Your Personal Coach Style Best?

If there were such a thing as a life coaching bedtime story, it would have to be the three Little Pigs. Do you know which of the three little pigs’ style best matches your personal coach style?  It would be nice to say that all personal coach styles are created equal.  But let’s face it.  Some life coaching businesses are not strong enough to withstand the Big Bad Wolf.  The Big Bad Wolf is anything or anyone that would destroy you or your life coaching business. What Kind of Life Coach are … [Read more...]