Effective Marketing for Consultants 101

Running a consulting business is about more than just coaching – it pays to have a thorough understanding of marketing for consultants. Here are a few of the best strategies. Marketing for Consultants 101 Knowing the basics about marketing and promotion is crucial to the success of any business. Many coaches and consultants forget this fact – they only think about the professional services they offer and sometimes ignore that what they have is a product that needs marketing. So – learn … [Read more...]

Marketing for Consultants Without Marketing

There are millions of various marketing and promotional strategies which can be employed by professionals, but the easiest and cheapest type of marketing for consultants and coaches is work-of-mouth. You don't need a large marketing budget, fancy marketing materials, or an innovative website, you merely have to be great at one thing. No Money, No Work, No Hassle Marketing for Consultants and Coaches Is it possible to market and promote without spending money or time? No money, no work, no … [Read more...]