Life Coaching Marketing Potential Clients Will Love

Life Coaching Marketing is easy to master when you understand your client enough to know what they value, and then give them the best value possible for FREE.  Haven't you been seduced into buying cookies, pie, or candy after tasting a free sample at the local store?  Those stores know that you VALUE the sweet taste of their goodies and they're willing to give some of that valuable yummyness to you for nothing. Guess what?  Your customer is no different.  They need to feel the power of your … [Read more...]

The Love Hate Relationship With Life Coaching Marketing

How do you feel about your life coaching marketing? I must admit that I had a love hate relationship with the marketing side of my coaching business. If you feel the same way about marketing below are some tips to help you. Life coaching marketing has not always been easy for me, and at one point in my career life I almost gave up all together as I hated marketing so badly, until I had a shift in my perspective and thinking. I did a little coaching on myself and used a coaching technique … [Read more...]