3 Ways to Not be an Average Salary Life Coach

Do you want to be an average salary life coach? Or do you want to be a superstar salary life coach? Is it even possible to earn a superstar salary as a coach? Who Wants to Be an Average Salary Life Coach? Most people dream big. They look around the Internet and see plenty of hype about coaching. Earn this or that amount as a life coach! But, most people end up earning an average salary in whatever profession they choose. Most people aren’t Donald Trump or Jeff Bezos or, to use an … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Business Dirty Laundry: The Real Reason the Average Salary of a Life Coach Is Only Slightly Above the Poverty Level

If you think that the life coaching business is without its own share of dirty laundry, you’re fooling yourself. The statistics show that the average salary for a life coach during the first year is about 12K. That’s only 1K above the 2008 poverty level for a single person in the U.S. That means that the average person is better off working for minimum wage than starting a life coaching business. If you really want to become a life coach professional, and help raise the average salary of a life … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Business Skills: How to Pull in Coaching Clients Beyond The Average Salary Life Coach

I'm working on a lot of new coaches to get their life coaching business started. Recently a new coach asked me whether or not it makes sense for the average salary life coach to join Profnet.com to gain credibility and try to get good publicity and media coverage. The simple answer is NO, unless you take all the rest of the steps necessary to take advantage of what Profnet has to offer. The key to good media exposure is not just to do one thing, but to do EVERYTHING necessary. The simple … [Read more...]