Who Should Enroll in Certified Wellness Coach Training?

Wellness coaching is a booming business and the best way to get into the industry is to start your certified wellness coach training as soon as possible. Wellness has become a trillion dollar industry, and with all the aging baby-boomers, and the millions of young adults choosing healthy lifestyles, the wellness industry, in all its forms, will continue to grow. When starting or changing a career, look for an industry that is experiencing rapid growth and is projected to continue that growth – the wellness industry meets both these criteria.

Wellness is a dynamic and comprehensive concept comprised of interconnected and interrelated areas of an individual’s life. The emotional, financial, intellectual, spiritual, social, occupational, and physical aspects of one’s life merge to create one’s wellness. As a certified wellness coach, it is best to have knowledge of each of these areas and their relationship and connection to wellness. Your certified wellness coach training should cover each of these aspects of life independently, while also helping students understand the synergistic nature of these sections of life and how the sum of the parts add up to one complete, healthy human being.

Who Should Enroll in Certified Wellness Coach Training?

You should, that’s who? Well, you should if you have an enthusiastic interest in health and wellness, and a desire to help others achieve their goals and dreams. If you think you possess a dedication to hard work, a passion for coaching, and a sincere desire to ameliorate the lives of others, then certified wellness coach training is the ideal program for you.

Students who have been involved in the fields of exercise science, nutrition, physiology, kinesiology, biology, behavioral science, and other health related fields should consider certified wellness coaching training. This list is by no means all-inclusive; anyone with a passion for health and wellness can become a wellness coach. The training can put you on the path to an exciting career helping others achieve their wellness aspirations and goals.

A good wellness coaching program will teach you all aspects of wellness and the coaching business. Topics should include the dynamics of wellness, how to change behaviors, how to run a business, how to market your business, and assessment tools to use in your practice. Other topics should include the social and emotional aspects of health and wellness, and some specifics on wellness, including cardiovascular health, muscular health, diet, and weight control.

Once you have complete the certified wellness coach training, you will be ready to start your own practice, or find a job with another wellness coaching practice. As a coach, you will partner with a client to explore their habits, perceptions, behaviors, goals, and expectations. By asking questions, you will be able to create a complete picture of their lives and help them design a road map to get from point A (where they are when they first come to you) to Point B (where they want to be).

A good coach is both born and made. Nature and nurture make a successful coach. If you have the passion, intuition, and dedication, you were born to be a coach. With the right certified wellness coach training, you will also be made a coach!

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  1. Kazee says

    I am convinced! I shall enroll in a certified wellness coach training asap. I believe this will improve my skills and make me a better coach.

  2. Celine says

    This is something I am seriously considering as I want to start my own practice and define a niche for myself. Thanks for advice.

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