Hitler and the Definition of Transformational Leadership Coaching

Transformational Leadership Coaching is a way to teach, inspire, and motivate clients to achieve personal, professional, and organizational success. It is coaching that can lead to transformation – both individual and collective. Though the term is usually reserved for those working in the coaching field, sometimes transformational leadership coaching is applied to world leaders. Was Adolf Hitler a Transformational Leader? The question of Hitler’s ability as a leader often arises in … [Read more...]

Coach Training on How to Run an Accountability Session: A Simple but Effective Leadership Coach Training Tool

The key to effective leadership coach training is to provide accountability for your clients.  It’s essential that you lead the session, and to do this you need coach training on what to do.  Here is a simple syntax that you can use to boost your confidence and ability to lead immediately. Leadership Coach Training: Simply Check in With Your Client at the Start of the Coaching Session Coach Training Step #1:  Check in with your clients.  Find out what they’re biggest wins and challenges have … [Read more...]