Life Success Coaching Lies: Why Your Life Coaching Clients Are Struggling To Reach Their Goals

Why do people need your life coaching skills?  Do you have anything tangible to offer your success coaching clients?  It’s sad to say that most people in the U.S. are not happy.  They don’t have the relationships, jobs, lifestyle they want.  Whatever happened to the American Dream?  Have your life coaching and success coaching clients bought into the lie that the economy is the reason for their lack of success? Your Life Coaching Clients Must Take Accountability For Their Beliefs . Life … [Read more...]

Life Success Coaching: How To Keep Your Life Coaching Client From Selling Themselves Short

Why do people need life coaching or life success coaching? It has been said that the story of the human race is story of men and women selling themselves short. So many of your life success coaching clients are not happy with their current job, but they don’t find something better. Your life coaching client may not be happy with their current situation, but they won’t take steps to improve it on their own. Life Success Coaching: Help Your Life Coaching Client Refuse To Settle Your life success … [Read more...]

Life Success Coaching: Understanding Why Your Life Coaching Clients Don’t Have Goals

In your life coaching business, what life success coaching will your clients need first?  The first key to life success coaching is to help your clients set goals.  Why don’t they already have goals?  They did hire you to be their coach right?  Yes, but they usually have only a general idea of what they want.  In life coaching you quickly learn that clients need help taking what they want and turning it into a goal.  We will discuss two reasons your clients haven’t already set goals. Life … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Success Stories: Why Some People Procrastinate and How Success Coaching Can Help Create Real Excitement in Their Lives

It’s common knowledge that procrastination is one of the greatest obstacles to success. Yesterday, I had a great life success coaching session with someone who was the king of procrastination. As a result of a previous life coaching session, I believed his lack of commitment was holding him back from achieving seemingly reasonable goals. But what I found out was that he was much more committed to something else than to his stated life coaching goals. How Did the Life Coaching Session … [Read more...]