How to Become a Mentor in Life

A mentor can come in many forms, from a teacher to a a coach to a favorite uncle; if you want to learn how to become a mentor in life, it is important to find the right vehicles from which to start mentoring people. Mentoring is one of the best ways to transfer knowledge from old to young, teacher to student, tutor to pupil, and coach to client. As society became more fragmented, the concept of mentoring virtually disappeared, but one of the ways to push our country forward and create a new and … [Read more...]

How to Become a Mentor in Relationships: Skills You Can Use From Your Life Coach Career

Are You Wondering How to Become a Mentor in Relationships? First, you will have to become a role model. What if you don’t have the ideal relationship? What if you aren’t even in a relationship? Use these life coach career skills and you will have success in your love life, and your life coach career. The first step in how to become a mentor in relationships is to make a list of the qualities you want your ideal mate to have, as well as the qualities you want to avoid in your ideal mate. Be … [Read more...]