Become a Life Coach: The Four Traits of Master Coaches

If you want to become a life coach, a master life coach, then there are four traits you will need to develop.  When all four of these traits are present, true mastery occurs.  Not just over your own life, but you become someone who has the ability to transform the lives of others. 1. Outstanding Results: Someone who has become a life coach who is a Master Coach is recognized by others for the results they produce.   Those considered masters of coaching consistently produce outstanding … [Read more...]

Become a Master Coach – DVD Course Free Sample

Closing SATURDAY: Master Coach DVD Course Go HERE to Get It Master Coach DVD Excerpt 1: Your Life Blueprint: . Get the Flash Player to see this player. CLICK HERE (Right Click, and select ’save link as…’ to download this video Master Coach DVD Excerpt 2: In this video, I explain the 32 'Guru' Transformation Techniques that Master Coaches use to change lives in a heartbeat. . The player will show in this paragraph . Master Coach DVD Excerpt 3: How do You Make a … [Read more...]

Join Me in San Diego or Orange County for an Evening of Building Your Coaching Business Empire

How to Become The Master Coach, and Make $5,000.00-$10,000.00 per month doing it... The next two Thursdays I’m faciliating special workshops to teach you the most important things to know about becoming a master coach and building your coaching empire.  I’ll answer your questions and share some more techniques for building a successful coaching business with high caliber coaching and tons of cash clients. …Even if You're Confused About Where to Start, Don't Have The Time to Start, or … [Read more...]