Career Coach… Can You Help The Seminar Junkie?

What’s the difference between going to a seminar and working with a career coach
? Don’t get me wrong. I love seminars. I would rather go to a seminar than spend a weekend at a spa…I come home feeling relaxed, revitalized, and ready to take on the world. But on my own I usually don’t do half of what I set out to do. At least I learn something different and get a chance to meet new people. Some of them have even become friends. But without someone like a career coach holding me accountable to change…it would just be another great weekend.


Do you know any seminar junkies? They go to every seminar they can. Sometimes pouring every extra dollar they make into the next seminar. This seminar is going to be the one that will propel them to success. They have an amazing knowledge base, but are they able to apply it all? Not really. The problem is that like any other junkie, once they get back into their old environment, hang out with the same people, and get back to their usual busy lives, they go back to their comfort zone. Back to autopilot, with perhaps a little more insight. It’s obvious to most of us that unless the drug addict who goes to rehab can change their environment, their peer group, and receive ongoing coaching, they are likely to go back to drugs. What makes us think we are any better? Maybe we should consider a career coach after all.


What we really need is someone to make every day as exciting and fun as a seminar. Someone like a career coach, who can help us create a new environment, define goals, develop a strategy, and provide accountability. AND make it fun! Now we are on track. We have the knowledge, support and structure to make real change. Now that sounds like something that will propel us to success.


Colette Seymann

Accountability Coach, JTS Advisors

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