Business Pie For Life Coaches: Five Pieces of the Marketing Pie Crucial to Your Practice

Like an apple or pumpkin pie, the business pie for life coaches has to do with a mix of the right ingredients and quality time to create the end results every business owner desire. Success!

Business Pie For Life Coaches: Five Pieces of the Marketing Pie Crucial to Your Practice

Before you can experience success in your coaching business, you must work at it. And so, it is important that during the course of the year, like any business, that the operations of your practice should be carefully examined to see what is working and what’s not.

Who are Life Coaches?

Life coaches are individuals who work with clients to assist them in achieving their desired goals. They ask powerful questions that will help individuals identify and overcome issues on their own. Unlike therapists, coaches don’t help solve problems from people’s past. They’re focused on helping clients move forward with new ways of acting and thinking that will help them achieve their goals.

Business Pie For Life Coaches – Proven Marketing Strategies

Your business pie simply has to do with the marketing strategies you use in your business. For life coaches, it is important to do your research; see what other coaches are doing in their business and embrace the ones that appear to be working successfully for them. There are many ingredients or tools that effectively work in business, but the latest research done in the last few years has shown that the following five marketing tools when used together produce extraordinary results in a coach’s practice.

1. Social Media – Attracting clients via platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin is the way to go. Studies show that millions of people access these platforms for both personal and professional purposes on a daily basis. If you desire to be successful in your coaching business, utilizing digital technology is essential. I read somewhere that maintaining fresh and engaging content on your social media profiles shows seriousness and that can make all the difference when you are seeking prospective clients.

2. Having a Website – Establishing a presence online via a business website helps attract your ideal clients. It allows your clients to learn more about your business; the products and services offered. Your website literarily goes hand in hand with your social media pages. Your business website helps develop your coaching brand, provides direct access to both prospective and current clients. Your website can help enhance your credibility as a professional life coach.

3. Mailing Lists – Do you know that email is incredibly efficient at directing traffic and generating actual leads than any of the social media platforms? I just discovered that out recently when I became a client myself due to email marketing. A significant way to grow your mailing list is to include opt-in email sign-up forms to your coaching website. Examples of popular and affordable email marketing services being used today include Sumo, MailChimp, and Constant Contact.

4. Speaking Engagements – This form of advertising still works great. Not all of your prospective clients are actually active online. Therefore, you will need to go out into the community to promote your business. Speaking at events generates more impact than you can imagine; developing those personal connects as you share your business mission and your product with the public goes a long way in establishing your business. In addition, these events allow you the opportunity to distribute your business cards and flyers.

5. Content Writing – Write articles on life coaching and publish various sites, both free and paid to get your name out there and land prospective clients. When your work is published in a magazine or blog site, you gain credibility and visibility. Always try having your contact information included in your articles.

The business pie for life coaches which consists of these marketing tools mentioned above has been proven to be effective in most organizations. And if you put in the time, proper tools (ingredients) and effort necessary to carry out the work, you will definitely yield the desired results for your life coaching business.

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