Become a Life Coach: What Every New Coach Needs to Understand to Survive

In order to become a life coach it’s essential that you learn to overcome rationalization.  Most of the time, a new coach will avoid the very thing that would free him.  Just like people avoid exercising when they are stressed out and students clean their dorm rooms before studying for exams.  It’s not easy to become a life coach who makes a good living.  Whether you are a new coach or a veteran, the trip to the top takes enough guts.

Become a Life Coach Who Doesn’t Rely on Excuses

The most important step to become a life coach who overcomes rationalization is to identify what’s the story you’re telling yourself.  Be honest with yourself.  Now is not the time for positive thinking.  Real freedom comes from the truth, even if it’s painful at the time.  A new coach might justify lack of income by saying “I’m doing everything I can” or “I need a little more time to refine my skills before I start coaching people.”  Nothing gets better until someone admits that it’s wrong.

The Transition Point from New Coach to Seasoned Pro

And to become a life coach you need to recognize that if something is not at the level you want it, it’s wrong.  I know that sounds painful, but that pain will transform you from a new coach without an income to a seasoned coach.  When we rationalize, we make the bad feeling go away.  But simply feeling good without changing anything leads to mediocrity.  That is settling for less than who we really are.  The only thing that really makes us feel good is living at our optimal level.

You Need Every Ounce of Yourself to Become a Life Coach

So how to you become a life coach who implements this strategy.  A great model for a new coach is John Wooden, who is called one of the winningest basketball coaches of all times.  He led U.C.L.A. to win 11 of 12 national championships.  Yet he didn’t focus on winning.  He said that at the end of every game only you know if you win or lose.  No matter what the score was.  If at the end of the day you gave every ounce of yourself, you could count it as a win.

Push Yourself Past Being a New Coach

So the key to become a life coach who is wins is to face the truth and overcome our natural tendency to rationalize our own mediocrity.  Every new coach has the potential to step into leadership by being honest.  Let’s face it; lies suck the life right out of us.  To really live life at the edge, we must continue to push ourselves to go beyond what is comfortable and never settle for less than our best.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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