Become a Job Coach Who Can Create More Time: How To Leverage Your Time To Increase Your Life Coaching Income

Life Coaching Income: No Time to Waste

If time is money, then your life coaching income is dependant upon time.   How do you become a job coach who knows how to manage time?  Is there a simple way to leverage your time?  How do you become a job coach who knows how to prioritize, not just for their self but for others as well?  Lack of time really relates to lack of priorities or lack of focus.  Follow these 3 steps to learn how to manage your time and increase your life coaching income.

Step One: Become a Job Coach Who Knows What Matters

The first step to become a job coach who leverages his time and increases his life coaching income is to identify which activities are important and which are not important.  Some activities may not be important but because of the sense of urgency you place on them, you spend time doing them.  Also make a list of activities that are not urgent or important, but waste your time.

Step Two: Become a Job Coach Who Makes the Commitment

Once you make a list of things that you do that waste your time, become a job coach who makes the commitment to eliminate these activities.  If you don’t have enough time, you’re allowing less important things to fill up your life.  Coaches who set up their lives so they accomplish the most important things feel more fulfilled and enjoy a more satisfying life coaching income.

Step Three: Earn Life Coaching Income

Now that you have freed up some time, become a job coach who commits RIGHT NOW to spend a specific number of hours each week on those things that matter most to you.  Once you’ve begun to eliminate the distractions, you need to commit to spending time each week on what’s important.  Otherwise the time will slip through your fingers and you won’t find the time for activities that will increase your life coaching income.

Now that you have become a job coach who has found more time for your life by eliminating unimportant activities you can begin to make a list of the activities, projects, and areas you want to spend time on.  This focus can drastically improve your life coaching income, and you will find that you now have time to spend on getting the results you want.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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