Why Most People Will Never Become a Coach: What It Takes to Earn Life Coach Salaries

There are many people who want to become a coach but will probably never earn money through their life coach salaries.  Is it because it’s so difficult to become a coach?  Are life coach salaries shrinking due to the economy?

The main reason most people fail to earn the life coach salaries they want is that they think coaching is something they can dabble in.  They think coaching is something that they can work on part time and become a coach who lives their dreams and help others do the same.  There are lots of coaching companies who prey on these people’s dreams and never provide what they really need.  Not because they don’t want to, but because they can’t.

What It Takes to Become a Coach

So what do you really need to become a coach?  Long term, total commitment to the process.  Hunger, drive, and determination to succeed.  Just like any other profession, great life coach salaries don’t come to people who are testing the waters to see if might be a good fit.  A home study program won’t help you, unless it makes you realize that you need more than learning things in the comfort of your own home.  You need to get out onto the court and apply the knowledge as fast as you learn it.

What else do you need to become a coach?  Good coaches training programs, which are longer than a weekend seminar.  A good coaches training program has a track record of helping people earn decent life coach salaries and teaches their coaches how to become coaches who transform lives and market themselves to get clients.  Will one coaches training do it?  It’s a start.  But if you think you will know everything you need to know to become a coach who is earning one of those life coach salaries after your first coaches training, you are probably still just toying with the idea of being a coach.

You Can’t Become a Coach on Your Own

What you really need to sustain you until you start earning at least one of the decent life coach salaries is ongoing support and mentorship.  They say, “Talented losers are a dime a dozen.”  Success demands persistent action.  To become a coach you need to step outside your existing comfort zone on a regular basis until that comfort zone is expands.  A powerful peer group is a necessity.  Masterminds can help provide accountability to your goals.  But even beyond accountability, just being in a group of other people who are going places will help you to take action if for no other reason than to avoid being left behind.

The results you get in life will be whatever you are 100% committed to.  In order to become a coach who earns great life coach salaries and has an abundance of opportunities is no different than any other endeavor.  So if you’re not getting the results you want yet, just take a look at your commitment level and make adjustments.

Collete Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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