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So just what is action business coaching? For me, it is business coaching with an emphasis on ACTION. It means going beyond being a simple coach and even a consultant. It involves rolling up your sleeves and digging into the business, and delivering great results for your client.  Action business coaching focuses on delivering business results. In fairness, it is also a term that is very similar to the names of several individual coaching practices and coaching franchises, but we will confine ourselves here to how you can become and profit from becoming an action business coach, all on your own.

Start with the Team

Get to know the business team. Understand the strengths, weaknesses and goals of each member of the team. Use assessments of the team members to understand their behavioral styles, vales and fundamental skills. Look at the team as a whole. What does each bring to the table and where can each make the greatest contribution? Help each member of the team understand the contribution and behavioral styles of all the other members.

Move to the Business

Now that you have a well functioning team, what about the business? What are the business goals, strengths and weaknesses? What is the competitive landscape? Help the team members open up and dig in. Have them document current processes. Help them identify “sticking points.” Then help them develop ways to improve efficiencies, reduce sticking points, and improve customer satisfaction. Help them implement these changes. Coach them on working together and improving their business.

Then Get Rich through Action Business Coaching

So how do you get rich through action business coaching? That is not actually all that hard, if you are willing to do the work outlined above. First, ask your client what it would mean to the bottom line, if certain improvements were made. Then negotiate a fee based on a small percentage of that typically very large number. And the rest is magic.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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