How to Advertise Your Life Coaching Business on Facebook

If you are a life coach who has always wondered how to advertise your life coaching business online specifically facebook, I would like to offer a couple of tips that may help you to get your business up and running successfully.

How to Advertise Your Life Coaching Business on Facebook

Why Use Facebook For Your Life Coaching Business?

Why is facebook an excellent resource for your coaching business? According to a 2017 statistical data, Facebook has a user base more extensive than the population of China; it boasts a whopping two billion monthly active users.
Facebook is a great platform for both new and established coaches. Regardless of what your niche is and who your clients are, you will find many of them on facebook. Another reason why it is essential to advertise on Facebook is the costs are quite reasonable. You can set reasonably daily budgets that work for you without any financial stress, and you are also able to target your ideal audience using demographics, location,etc.

How to Advertise Your Life Coaching Business: Three Ways

Advertising your business on social media nowadays has become quite the norm for most types of businesses. Many have found it very productive because they have discovered how to position themselves strategically. You, as an emerging or experienced coach, can do the same, and so below are three ways on how to advertise your life coaching business on facebook with a reasonable budget and undue stress.

1. Join groups on Facebook.
Joining groups on facebook is a remarkable way to connect with potential clients. You begin with posting and engaging in a couple of groups that contain many of your ideal clients. For example, my coaching niches include parenting, Christian, relationship coaching and so; as a result, the groups I am a member of consists of individuals who are currently in need of my services or will be at some point. To gain their trust, I have had to share my personal experiences, offer tips, how-tos, etc., The key is to build relationships with people in these groups. Engage with other posts, start conversations, take a genuine interest in others, and most importantly stay consistent.

2. Facebook Business Page
For people to take you seriously as a professional, you must have a business page where your prospective clients can go to for more information about you and your services. Your page represents the first point of contact for anyone interested in hiring you as a life coach. Having a business page on Facebook does not just end there; your presence must be seen through relevant and engaging content. Your page must be updated regularly. There must be valuable and eye-catching content that will keep your audience coming back for more. If you are wondering what kind of posts or content can you have to attract people to your page. Try posting uplifting and empowering posts, real-life stories, networking events happening online and in their local areas, resources, etc.

3. Use of Facebook Ads
Clearly, you can not advertise thoroughly on facebook without taking advantage of this promotional tool. Facebook Ads is a successful hit amongst several coaches today; if you are on Facebook, you probably won’t go too far before you see an eye-catching advert from a coaching professional. This resource is very affordable; it can be utilized to choose your budget, location, demographics, interests to help target your ideal client base. Compare to similar marketing ads like Google Adwords and Linkedin Ads; Facebook Ads is much more affordable. I remember when I first started out using facebook ads, my budget was quite low since I wasn’t sure what to expect and wasn’t ready to thrust hard-earned money away. I eventually took a step of faith and started with a budget of $10, and with that minimal budget, I was able to reach 396 people in four days; gaining me several likes. I haven’t had that many likes over a span of a few days since I created my business page and a couple of prospective clients. It is an excellent investment for every coach looking to succeed.

If you are still yet to take advantage of Facebook as a resource for your business, I will encourage you to get on board today. It is time to embrace this great marketing tool and utilize it to bring in more clients to your practice. I firmly believe it will make a difference when you use it to advertise your life coaching business.

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