Advance Your Coaching Career with ICF CCE

If you are a coach looking to undertake supplemental or advanced education that’s accredited by the International Coach Federation, enrolling in an International Coach Federation Continuing Coach Education (ICF CCE) program might be a good option.

Advance Your Coaching Career with ICF CCE

For coaches aspiring to become a successful coach, continuous learning is a must. By enrolling in an ICF CCE program, you can acquire new knowledge and use the units that are earned to achieve credentials for Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) or Master Certified Coach (MCC). All ICF certified coaches need to renew their credentials every 3 years in order to maintain their ICF coaching credentials. An ICF CCE program allows you to renew your credentials.

In short, ICF CCE courses are offered by accredited coaching training organizations. An ICF CCE course does two things: it helps coaches achieve and renew their credentials.

The beauty of an ICF CCE program is that it can help coaches build and grow their skill sets, learn new techniques, and brush up on what they’ve learned in previous courses.

It also helps coaches build their businesses and enhance their personal and professional development.

Upon completing an ICF CCE program, a coach earns CCE units that are awarded in two categories:

Core Competencies: Advanced coach training, writing or research that relates to or expands upon the ICF Core Competencies.

Resource Development (RD): Training, writing or research that will benefit a coach’s professional development, for example, personal development, coaching tools or assessments, business building, or any self-study that falls outside the ICF Core Competencies.

Hours from successfully completing any ICF CCE courses may be used towards:


ICF CCE courses taken may be used as evidence of coach-specific education which will be accrued in the total number of hours needed for either the ACC, PCC or MCC credential under the ICF portfolio path.

For example, if you acquire 60 hours in an ICF CCE program, you can use them at the ACC level, if you have 125 hours, you can use the hours at the PCC level and if you have 200 hours of ICF CCE coaching training, you can use them at the MCC level.

Credential Renewal

In order to renew your ICF credential, you need 40 CCE hours every three years.

At least 24 hours (units) must be in Core Competencies. All 16 remaining hours (units) can be in Resource Development, including three RD hours in coaching ethics (by completing ICF’s free online course).

An ICF CCE Course Prepares You for an Ever-Changing World

As the world gets more complex, careers are becoming more specialized and require continuing education credits to remain in good standing. This is especially true in the coaching field although many professions and professional organizations also demand their members to continue to develop the skills necessary for today’s changing environments.

Almost any field of study that takes a great deal of study to become a recognized professional will require continuing education. From engineers, medical nurses and doctors, IT professionals, respiratory therapists to quality managers and many others, all are expected to maintain a level of education consistent with the field of knowledge.

The reason behind this is to have professionals who have not only maintained but also developed and learned new techniques and skill sets that are very much needed in a complex world. By investing in additional training, you can go a long way to keeping your skills fresh and increase your competency as a coach.

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