A “Start Life Coaching Business” Checklist

If you are a coach and looking for a “start life coaching business” checklist, this checklist will help ensure you have everything covered before getting started.

Your “Start Life Coaching Business” Checklist

Becoming a life coach is an excellent way to help people achieve their goals while earning the money they deserve. If you’ve ever dreamed of starting a coaching business that helps people reach their full potential, having a checklist is a great way to help kickstart your business.

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Define your mission

Defining your mission statement is essential when starting a life coaching business. A good mission statement should highlight the benefits of working with you, what you want your clients to achieve, and why you’ve decided to become a life coach.

  • What are the benefits of working with me?
  • How will I help my clients reach their goals?
  • Why am I passionate about helping people realize their full potential?

Determine your target market

Once you’ve determined your ideal clients, it’s time to target them specifically. The next step in starting a life coaching business is determining who those people are. To do this, you’ll need to research and make phone calls. You’ll want to understand what your target market looks like, where they live and work, their interests, their pain points, their needs, and other key factors such as age range or gender.

Outline your services

This is one of the essential parts of your business plan, as it will help you attract clients and convey what you offer clearly and concisely. It’s not just about listing the things you provide but also how they will benefit your clients. You want them to know exactly what results they can expect from working with you, so be sure to explain how each service helps them reach their goals or solve their problem. Also, include any unique selling points that set your business apart from others providing similar services.

Set your rates

To determine your rates, ask yourself:

  • How much time am I willing to commit? If you’re going to be coaching on a part-time basis or only after hours, your price will likely reflect that.
  • What do my services cost clients? How many hours does it take to see results, and how much would clients pay for those results in their current life or career? 
  • Am I providing any additional value with my services? If so, make sure you’re charging enough so that your added value justifies asking more than other coaches who don’t provide any extra value beyond regular coaching sessions.

Create a business plan

Before starting your life coaching business, it’s essential to have a plan for how you will run it. A business plan will help you prepare to open your business, manage growth and logistics, and raise capital if needed. You’ll also learn from your own experience and from other coaches who have gone before you.

Establish systems and processes

A life coach’s business is like a machine. It needs to be kept in good working condition, which means you must plan for maintenance. It also means having the right tools and supplies to ensure each task gets done efficiently.

Create a website and blog

A website is your online business card. It’s the first place potential clients are likely to go when looking for information about you and your services, so it needs to be professional and well-designed. A good website will also help you build trust with your clients by showing them that you’re serious about what you do because not everyone has the budget or skills necessary to create one on their own. And having a website makes it easier for people who may not know anything about coaching to understand what kind of service you provide and why they should hire you.


If you’re ready to start your own life coaching business, it’s time to start. This “start life coaching business” checklist will help ensure you don’t forget any necessary steps! Don’t stress if it takes longer than expected. We all have busy lives and different priorities and timetables. Remember: the most important thing is to create a business plan that works for you, not someone else.

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