A Sample Discovery Session Script to Help Bring in More Clients

You may wonder why you need a discovery session script for your coaching business. Well, I would say speaking from my experience, it has been a useful tool in helping me gain new clients.

A Sample Discovery Session Script to Help Bring in More Clients

What is a Discovery Session in Coaching?

A Discovery session is a session in which you get to know your prospective clients. These sessions offer a new client the opportunity to discover what their current needs or challenges are and if you can support them in solving those challenges. In a Discovery Session, your clients play an active role during these sessions. And your goal is to discover from them where they are struggling and what they want to see happen next.

The Discovery Session Script

It is always a good thing to have your discovery sessions done in person if you can, but if you are unable to, then ensure that there are no distractions when it is done over the phone. And so if you are interested in obtaining some new clients, how about we take a look at snippets from one of the discovery session scripts I have used.

Coach: Hi Linda (pseudonym) Thanks for meeting with me today. Before we get started, I want to let you know about some of the things I anticipate accomplishing in this session. I hope we can learn a little bit about each other, maybe discuss your ideal goals and address any questions you might have. I am going to tell you a little about myself and my role in this coaching relationship. I will also like learning what you expect to get out of this coaching experience so that we can make certain this is most productive for you moving forward. How does that sound to you?

The coach will tell a bit about him/herself, share relevant experiences, coaching approach and background or training and what the coaching relationship will look like.

Linda’s (coachee’s) response should be to introduce herself, what she does for a living, her reasons for seeking out a life coach and what she is seeking to accomplish with the help of the coach.

Coach: Thank you for sharing with me a bit about your background, your interests, and your potential goals. I’m looking forward to learning more about you as we embark on this journey together. I hope for us to set up a coaching plan that best meets your needs.

At this point, the coachee may want to open up more about their needs or challenges he or she is facing (Allow them the freedom to do so.

Coach: Linda, my role in this coaching relationship is to assist you to look at your professional career, employing a system that will enable you to identify areas for advancement. Do you have any questions at this point?

Make room for any questions, if none, then continue with your questions

Coach: So describe to me what success looks like to you? What would you be doing?

The prospective client will have responded to the coach’s question about how success looks like to her, and so the next question you will ask is:

Coach: On a scale of 1 to 10, how close are you to achieving your idea of success; your goal (s)? If he or she answers “I am at a 5, you then the subsequent question will be …..

Coach: So, what is hindering you from obtaining a 10? As a coach, you want to assist your prospective client in understanding the gap between the ten and where they are currently at right now. What is getting in their way?

The coachee will most likely begin talking about underlying beliefs holding her back. As they continued to speak to you about what is getting in their way, be okay with advising them to, “tell you more.”

Now if you believe you have been successful at getting them to open up about their challenges, goals and where they hope to be, then there is a very excellent chance, you will be booking your first coaching session.

The discovery session script is one of many tools that can help you attain and retain clients, and I hope you will be able to utilize the one provided in this article as a guide to building a detailed discovery script for your business.

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  1. Cynthia says

    Good script for a start but how can I offer my coaching package at the end of the Discovery Session? Is there a script for that?

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