7 Facebook Marketing Tips for Coaching Institute

If you teach coaching, it’s important to have a wealth of marketing tips for coaching institute programs. You can be the best teacher of coaches, but if no one knows about your talents, you won’t have many students.

Marketing Tips for Coaching Institute
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Social Media Marketing for Coaches

If you aren’t using social media to market your coaching institute, you aren’t making the full effort to reach potential clients. Whether you are a coach trainer or a coach, social media offers more marketing bang for your buck, and the king of social media, despite its recent troubles, is still Facebook.

Facebook Vs. Everyone Else

We’ve been hearing about the demise of Facebook for a few years now. The recent privacy breaches have put a small chink in its armor, but it hasn’t dethroned the kind of social media. Other social media platforms are gaining, and some, like Snapchat, are extremely popular with younger people, but Facebook is still the place to be if you want to advertise your coaching business.

All Coaches Need Marketing Advice

No one is too good, experienced, or skilled for marketing tips. For coaching institute, coaching program, or coach, marketing tips can help anyone and everyone. The best marketing tip for coaching institute, program, or coach is that it is best to look at any and every suggestion. You may already know it…but you may not. Just like coaching involves continuous education, being a good marketer means you never stopped looking for good advice, tips, and suggestions.

7 Facebook Marketing Tips for Coaching Institute, Coaching Program or Coach

Here are 7 simple things to do on Facebook to boost your brand, build your email list, and attract new clients:

  • Use pictures. A photo is much more engaging than text. This is a no-brainer.
  • Post time. When you post is important. Posting at midnight is probably not a good idea. Most people engage with Facebook from around 7 Pm to 10 PM. To figure out the best time, you will need to experiment a bit to see what posts get the most views.
  • Pin it up. Pick out the most important information about your institute and pin it to the top of your page. This is one of those Facebook marketing tips for coaching institute or program that often gets overlooked.
  • Student success. Once you start receiving testimonials form your students, post them! Student success brings credibility to your coaching institute.
  • Update on a regular basis. Stay engaged with your audience.
  • Don’t update too often. Flooding your audience with posts, offers, and information will upset them more than it will attract them. Finding the balance is the key to success.
  • Offer freebies. This is one of the most important Facebook marketing tips (or for any platform) for coaching institute, program, or coach. Provide free information, free coaching tips, or other tips. Free information shouldn’t give away all your secrets, but it should be valuable. This free information allows potential clients to get a glimpse of what you have to offer for a fee.

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