5 Tips for Coaching the Uncoachable

There are many different tips for coaching on the Internet, but you won’t find much about coaching the uncoachable. But, when you work with individuals of different interests, personalities, passions, and coping mechanisms, you sometimes find a person who might be considered uncoachable.

Tips for Coaching
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Coaching Requires Participation of the Coach and the Client

Coaching is all about communication, and effective communication requires participation from both the coach and the client. The coach doesn’t just tell the client what to do. God coaching demands that you get your client actively involved in the process.

But, what happens when the client is somewhat uncoachable? What do you do then? Well, here are a few tips on coaching the uncoachable, and how to get them involved in the coaching process.

5 Tips for Coaching the Uncoachable

Have one of those clients who just won’t cooperate? Do you wonder why the client is even paying you? Or, perhaps you are working in a corporate setting and one of the team members just isn’t buying into your coaching…or any coaching? Here are a few tips to help you coach these less receptive individuals:

  1. The number 1 tip for coaching the uncoachable is to build your authority. People look up to authority. It is crucial that you have comprehensive and complete knowledge in your field. Your knowledge and expertise is your authority. People will look up to this and respect you, even if it takes a little while for them to see the light!
  2. The second tip is to use your entire toolbox, and maybe even expand your toolbox. Use words, games, pictures, videos, new ideas – whatever tools you can use to get them actively involved in the process. If you are having issues with a client and have exhausted your toolbox, looks for new tools.
  3. Another one of the effective tips for coaching the uncoachable is to make sure that your concern and empathy shows through. Though most coaches are very empathetic, sometimes they get caught up in the process and inadvertently hide their concern and empathy. Make sure that it shines through to your client and the uncoachable make gradually become coachable.
  4. Provide value to the client and they will begin to trust you with their fears, desires, insecurities and issues. You need to provide value as quickly as possible to build this trust. Once the trust is built, the client should believe in your ability as a coach and see the value you offer.
  5. Remember that you aren’t telling a client what to do – this is crucial to drawing the uncoachable out of their shell or helping them overcome their resistance. Most coaches know that coaching isn’t about telling clients what to do, but most coaches sometimes slip into the “telling” mode. One of the most important tips for coaching the uncoachable is to avoid ever telling them what to do. Never! Their resistance will only grow if you tell them what to do or how to do something.

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